Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mother's Day Thoughts

It's the little things that take me back. Sorting and purging twin sheets did it today while looking at all the little penguins on the flannels I had carefully folded to put away for the summer. These sheets were purchased so many years ago to keep my little people warm in the winter. I remember.

As I sort through the sheets, I realize that in a week, I will only have two precious bodies to fill the many twin beds in my home. My babes have turned into adults and are growing up and moving on--living the lives they were meant to live.

Though they will always be my children, they are no longer my responsibility. This is a huge change for me. Just yesterday, as I was driving, I thought back to when I was in their place, on the cusp of my marriage, ready to take my own life by the horns, and live it to the fullest. I remember that feeling, and that's where three of them are. I remembered that I had a little sadness leaving my mom, but that really, I was more excited and ready for my new life than I was sad--and that's the way it was supposed to be. It was a strange and important realization for me.

I never want to be the one to hold them back. I never want to be a drag on their lives. It is very hard not to be needed like I once was, but it is the end goal to a life lived with purpose--to set them free and watch them soar. Painful it is, but I remember the many years I was privileged to be with them--and I am GRATEFUL for each and every day.

So while I cry as I purge sheets I will no longer need, I rejoice in the knowledge that for a little while, God allowed me to pour into my children the things that were most important, and by His grace, I had the distinct honor of being their mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful mother friends.
Enjoy each and every day you have. 


Unknown said...

Love this - I hope you will write more of these motherhood thoughts - they are truly a blessing.

Kate said...

Erica, thanks! It's a different time of life, that's for sure!

Melanie Reynolds said...

Thank you, dear Kate. It is astonishing to me how quickly those years really do fly by. I remember all those more experienced moms and grandmoms telling me to cherish the moments, that time flew, back in the newborn days when none of us was getting much sleep. Suddenly it's 15 years later and I have a high schooler!

There truly is a time for everything. Thank you for reminding us today that there is sweetness even as our kiddos are growing into adulthood.

Kate said...


Thanks so much for sharing. It is a precious time to have our kids with us, and it does GO very fast. :)