Sunday, January 07, 2018

Marine Corps Bootcamp - 2018 - New Beginnings

So my beautiful, amazing, strong, brave daughter leaves for the Marine Corps tomorrow at 4:30 am. She will travel to Parris Island, South Carolina, to start her new life as a Marine. There are no words to adequately express the tumult of emotions fighting for supremacy inside my heart. She is fiercely loved and we are very proud of her.

This was supposed to happen on Wednesday of last week, with less than 24 hour notice. By the grace of God via the ice storms on the east coast, we were given a few days' reprieve, and a few more days to say goodbye. It was a mercy to us. I was not prepared to let her go so quickly. I am not sure that any mother is really prepared to say goodbye, because I wasn't totally prepared for the goodbye that came when my oldest got married almost two years ago--even though we loved her fiance and knew it was the right life choice for her. It is terribly hard to say goodbye. 

I have now lived as a mother longer than the years I was without children, and my life is enmeshed in that role and way of living. The severing of that place, in the day to day, has been harder than I ever though it would be. I entirely embraced my role as a mama and would not trade places with anyone for anything for those 23 years of my life. It is hard though, to say goodbye. It is hard for things to change. It is a tearing away of what was to create what is and wow, is it ever painful. 

But it is right and good. God designed the family in such a way to lay the foundation for the rest of the lives of our children. We are only temporary guardians for these precious gifts we are given in our children. We are only temporary, but He is eternal. He is their eternal Father and the One that guides them in their paths - even when they don't know He is doing it. God is all sovereign, and all supreme.

I was overcome with sadness this week. My friend shared the truth of God with me:

Keep remembering Who has all of this stuff wrapped up, pre-planned, and WON already. Rest in Him. Find your peace in the Lord. She is in HIS hands and that is a very good place. 

God is able, all the time, to do whatever He wishes for our GOOD and His GLORY. As she leaves tomorrow, I will try very hard to rest in that truth. God is truth, and His word is there for us to rest in. 

Friends with little ones - love them; enjoy them; pray for them. The time you have is very short. Remember the gifts you have while you still have them. 

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Michele said...

Praying for you as you let go, and for your sweet daughter as she spreads her wings! I know it is such a bittersweet time! HUGS!