Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving, 2017

First Thanksgiving is always the weekend before the "real day" but it helps the whole family see more of each other and then see our spouse's family. Here are some photos from our fun event. Not everyone is represented here, and I wish in hindsight that I'd taken more photos!

So many of my babies are grown - three out of five are now adults. Life comes at you fast!

It was lovely to see the aunts and uncles and my cousin Byron and his beautiful wife, Judy, were also there in addition to other cousins. It's a real blessing to have family that love each other. I know not everyone does. We will get to spend actual T-day with more family on my husband's side. God is a giver of good gifts!!

I hope your Thanksgiving is as lovely as ours was. May your focus be on the good gifts that come from above.

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