Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cranberry Orange Bread

We are prepping for our annual early Thanksgiving weekend and I am in charge of all things cranberry. That means cranberry bread and cranberry sauce as well as some form of rolls that do not involve any cranberries at all. I am still mulling over that one.

One of the many pluses of blogging is that when I cannot locate a recipe in my gigantic recipe holder, I check my blog. Many of my favorites have been shared here and this is no exception. :D This was posted WAY back in 2013 when I had all five children still at home!

This recipe has been a family favorite for many many years and I make it every year. It is hard to keep our hands off of it when it comes out of the oven it is just SO good. If you love oranges and cranberries together then this is for you.

So, for you lovers of cranberry out there, I give you my Cranberry Orange Bread. Enjoy!

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