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New Year and a New Me - 3 Week Diet - Our Recipes and Tips

So my husband found this new-to-me weight loss diet for us - the 3 Week Diet. He needs to lose about 80 pounds and I need to lose about 35 or so - if my body will cooperate. :) He shared it with me and asked me, "Can we do this?" I read it over, liked the science behind it, and said, yes. We are on Day 9 of the diet, and he has lost 12 pounds so far, and I have lost 10 pounds. IN NINE DAYS. (Can you say, fast weight loss?!) AND I am not dissatisfied with the food amount I am eating; and neither is my husband.

Below, I wanted to share some of our recipes and tips that helped to simplify this for us. (If you are just interested in more information, click the affiliate link for a video that describes how it works.) I will also share some of the things I bought that have made it easier for me via aff links too. :)
The 3 Week Diet
OK, so I began by reading mostly the whole thing. There is a ton of information in there. I skimmed some of it, but wanted to understand how this diet could work for us. Brian Flatt is the author, and I don't know much about him personally, but his book was fascinating, and I liked the details as to why and how we lose weight. It pretty much lined up with what I already understood so that was a good start for me! (He was also kind enough to answer an email I sent him, and that made me feel a lot better about this program before even starting it.) When people are really out there, and actually answer the questions you ask, that means something to me.

This diet works in phases and the first week (Phase 1) is essentially: reduced calorie intact with less fat, meat, with a lot of delicious veggies. If you don't like veggies, this may be a bit more difficult for you at first but you may be surprised at how satisfied you can be - especially with the recipes below! Since I love veggies, and get creative with them, this works well for us. Phase 1 is the cleansing phase. It is the first seven days, and these were not as difficult as I thought they'd be. While Phase 1 may have a limited selection of food choices, you can do a lot with a little if you put your mind to it, and it is only for seven days. Meals should be about 1200 for a female and about 1500 for a male. On some days, I undershot this, but not on purpose. I was worried I'd overshoot it!

I used the coolest website, that probably most of you know about, My Fitness Pal. This was truly invaluable. Not everything I note below is exactly the same brand I used. You just need to figure out which listing is the same as what you have and add it to your food diary. Here are some of the meals I put together.

Phase 1 Paleo Weight Loss Meals:

Hot Stir-Fry and Salad:

Slice the beef and sauté it in Trader Joe's Coconut Oil Spray in this seriously amazing non-stick ceramic frying pan. I note the pan because it was one of those "as seen on TV" things that did exactly what it said it would do! It is entirely non-stick and you will need that when you are cooking with low oil. [Both the pan and the spray are invaluable. Buy them (or something like them) before you begin as you will use both every day.] I remove the beef once done, and set aside. I then add the zucchini, red bell pepper, and one teaspoon of olive oil. I add salt, pepper, and garlic powder. If you like ginger and soy sauce, add that too. When I do add those, I sprinkle ginger and soy over the top. I don't use too much soy sauce, just enough for taste. You can also use Bragg Liquid Aminos as it tastes the same as soy sauce and is much better for you. I sauté only long enough to just cook it. You don't want to over cook it or you lose the value of the veggies. You can substitute almost any veggie that can be sautéed that is within the veggies allotted to you in Phase 1. Asparagus and cabbage are good choices too if you don't like zucchini - or add them all. Then I make a salad with the arugula, tomato, raw white mushrooms, and drizzle with a teaspoon of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This is a full plate of food with tons of veggies. I could have probably added more veggies if I had wanted to.

Spiced Beef Chili with Veggies:

This is really a simple meal to make. Sauté the beef the same way noted in the previous recipe. Then add the Ro' Tel and some spices I forgot to add to the list: 1 teaspoon cumin and 1 teaspoon chili powder, along with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. It is really important that this stuff tastes good or I have a hard time eating it. Add the mushrooms, the artichoke hearts, and the chopped cabbage. Cook until the cabbage is just done. It is a hearty meal and is very low in calories. As before, I could have added more veggies, or a salad, but I was just beginning when I put this together and still figuring out calories, fat, and protein! Add more veggies if you want to - you certainly can with the calorie count noted above!

Bruschetta Chicken Sauce with Veggies and a Salad:

This is my personal favorite because it is so darn delicious. I hope you have a Trader Joe's near you because the Amazon price for the Bruschetta from TJs there is off the chain. I link to it only so you know what I bought. You can certainly do this with a different sauce, just be really careful how much fat and how many carbs are in it. This is similar to the chili above in how to make it. On low I cook the Bruschetta and add the chopped up artichoke hearts and diced cooked chicken until warmed up. I made this for my husband and added canned mushrooms and probably another veggie. It is flexible as long as you stay within the calorie range. Veggies are so awesome for adding bulk. I then made a salad with the arugula, olive oil and vinegar. Again, I could have added more veggies to the salad, but did not. I really like arugula so it was fine for me.

Giant Veggie Chicken Salad:

This was delicious and really satisfying. It is quite and painless, and I just made a giant salad out of the veggies with arugula as the base. I mixed up the chicken, dill pickles, and white onion, and mixed it with oil and vinegar then placed it all on top of the other veggies. It was a large plate full of food and it was satisfying to both my husband and I. 

Brussels Sprouts and Beef (or Chicken or Turkey...):

This is an  "I need dinner quickly, please, I am hungry and want to eat in 20 minutes recipe!"

Clean, and slice in half, all the Brussels sprouts, and put them in a bowl. If you are doing just a serving for you, add in no more than two teaspoons of oil, salt, pepper, and mix well. I made a big old Costco bag of them and used less oil than two teaspoons for each 2 cup serving, but I did pretty much eyeball it. They were not very oily, but just enough to have that delicious flavor when done. Roast in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes and eat hot. While they are roasting, cook your meat in the pan with the spray. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder or mix it up with Trader Joe's Lime Chili seasoning. This has been a great non-naughty edition to our meals. It is crazy good over meat, raw tomatoes, or to help spice anything up. As always, you could probably add more veggies to this, but it was sufficient to make our stomachs happy.

A Little More and What's to Come...

I have never lost weight like this before, but I have never really exercised before either. This is a KEY ELEMENT to weight loss, and I am convinced we'd not see the same results if we had not incorporated it into our day. He doesn't ask for more than 20 minutes of brisk walking each day - that's it! He suggests other things if you want to accelerate your weight loss, and we have done some of those exercises, but even those are not that hard - and this is coming from someone who is truly lazy when it comes to exercise. Really, it has just been dietary changes and daily elliptical (as we have been having a really rainy winter!)

All I can say is that It. Feels. Awesome!!

We made it through the very short Phase 2 fast day (not entirely a fast day - but you will find the info about that on in the book. I am pretty sure I can't give it all away. :D) Now we are on to Phase 3. I will post more on that on another day. I wanted to get this out because if you are like me, and want to know more about the 3 Week Diet, and what some of the meals look like, that's what this post is for. If you want more detailed information on the diet, you can find it at that link on the website. However, if you have already read about it, and want to get started, be sure you use this link to save $20 for fast weight loss.

More to come! Stay tuned, follow me here, Pin these recipes, or sign up by email to get it in your inbox!

The 3 Week Diet

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