Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You Hold it ALL, Lord!

Today, I discovered that the Newsboys have a new album. This song in particular, spoke to my heart today. This is the amazing Sovereign I serve. I am so very grateful He rules the world.

From the highest of mountains
To the depths of the sea
From the planets in motion
To the breath that we breathe
From the womb of the barren
To the rich and the poor
To the dreams of the orphan
Every heart beat is Yours
You hold it all
(Every mountain, every valley)
You hold it all
(Every tear drop, every heartbeat)
In my weakness
You’re my victory
In my sickness
You surround me
I believe that You hold it all
It’s in the roar of the lions
It’s in the wind and the waves
It’s in the glory of sunrise
And the lives that You change
You stand alone in splendor
You reign in majesty
Your hands formed all creation
Your hands are holding me
You are my hope forever.

(Copyright, Newsboys.)


Deborah Wuehler said...

I just found time to listen to this. Wow. I love it! He holds it all! Thank you, Kate!

Kate said...

That's how I felt too, Deborah.

Love you!