Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Studying Geologic Regions of North America

How many of you can name all eight regions, or outline them? I couldn't! So on page 39, of BiblioPlan's Early Modern History (or Year 3), the authors focus on Geographic Regions of North America. I wanted a physical study of this for my kids so I began with this map:

Map Location
I printed this out for my kiddos and then I made and printed this notebooking page:
Then, we watched a series of brief videos I found on Youtube that describe each region and show photos of the region. I had the kids trace and label each region and take notes on each one. Here are the videos in order of region:

They all start out with the same music so you can skip to 20 seconds in if you want to skip the music as it gets a little annoying after a while. As we watched these, and took notes on what features each region had, we discussed who we knew in each of those regions and whether my children had been to one or more of them. My children have traveled with their grandparents to various parts of the country so it was fun to discuss this with them. They have been to more than I have!

Tomorrow we will focus on states and regions in the country using a pad of tear-off USA maps (aff) similar to this one. I had them label all the states and tomorrow we will go through this video I found on Youtube to discuss North American Physical Geography, Part 1. I will have them label the different aspects of the USA as we watch. I also used this because it defines the regions a little bit differently (Regions of the US). We will follow through with Part 2. It is a very simple way to expose the kids to regions and geographic areas of the country that adds to their BiblioPlan study. I hope will be a fascinating geography unit! 

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