Friday, December 04, 2015

Silver, by Amelia Harper

I shared this here in my first year of blogging, 2004. I read it again today, and thought, I love it just as much today. I hope you enjoy it too.


Silver is as silver sounds - 
A scintillating sight. 
Silver flashes in the sun 
And dances in the light. 
Silver threads among the gold 
Can garnish age with grace. 
Silver sings the season in 
With holly and with lace. 
Silver in the pocket sounds 
Like wealth beyond compare. 
Silver settings sparkle add 
To jewels rich and rare. 
Silver shimmers and it shines 
And once I even heard 
That a silver bowl with fruit of gold 
Is like a fitly spoken word. 
(Copyrighted 2004) 

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