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Teaching with Games ~ Timeline of Classics ~ A Word Write Now - A Review

One of my all time favorite homeschool companies is Institute for Excellence in Writing. I was introduced to them about 15 years ago and I have loved every single one of their products.  I highly recommend their products to both new and veteran home educating families alike.  IEW is a company that is committed to helping families to equip their children to succeed in every area of life.  In order to accomplish this task they provide materials to support parents and students in the task of learning to communicate in both the written and spoken word.

Recently IEW gave The Schoolhouse Review Crew  the opportunity to use their resource set which consists of:

Teaching with Games

Games do not come naturally to me and creating games in order to cement learning is not a skill I posses so I was grateful to discover this resource from IEW. Games are a fun way to teach and reinforce the facts and build the skills learned. Games also help to develop and refine critical thinking skills.

The DVD is a how to coaching session for you the parent on how to create games. In the presentation you will watch the author author teaching a seminar/workshop to about a dozen ladies where she talks about the types of games, and demonstrates playing the ones that are included in the book. The DVDs let you go through and see all the types of materials she suggests in action.

The eBook is a a treasure trove of teacher support. The book contains games that provide multipurpose use with any subject, in any grade with any number of students.

Each area of the book follows the same format:
  • Name of the game
  • Game Summary
  • Supplies needed to play the game
  • The process of playing the game
  • Variations of the game.

 It is divided up into six main sections
  1. "No-Prep" Games
  2. Marching Card Games
  3. Question Games
  4. Math Facts Games
  5. Make as you teach games
  6.  Appendix

 The details

  • ISBN: 978-0-9779860-7-1
  • Edition/Printing: Second Edition, March 2012
  • Copyright Date: 2007
  • Specifications: 130 minutes / 118 pages
  • Download a .PDF sample 
  • By: Lori Verstegen
  • Copyright: Home use: You may copy the contents of this Teacher’s Resource for use by multiple children within your immediate family. Disc media may not be copied.(for a full disclosure of Copyright please see the IEW product page)

Timeline of Classics

Along my journey as a home educator I have had two dreams: one is to collect beautiful twaddle free classical books for children and the second passion is chronological history with the ultimate goal of  marrying the two together. This has been a dream until now. I have been delighted to be introduced to Timeline of Classics.

This treasure trove of homeschool organized for you uses a spreadsheet format which lines up classical books in relation to the time periods of history! It includes audio and video resources and the books are lined up in both historical relevance as well as when the book was actually written. Gail also provides information on the author and appropriate reading age for each classical book.

Timeline of Classics is divided into four main sections:
  1. Ancients (5,000 BC -AD 400)
  2. The Middle Ages (AD 400 - 1450)
  3. Renaissance and Reformation (1450 - 1850)
  4. The Modern World (1850 - present)

The details

  • ISBN: Spiral: 978-1-62341-118-3, PDF: 978-1-62341-119-0
  • Edition/Printing: First Edition, February 2013
  • Copyright Date: 2013
  • Specifications: 192 pages
  • Download a .PDF sample 
  • By: Gail Ledbetter

A Word Write Now

This is my favorite new resource from IEW. Years ago I acquired a thematic thesaurus when Timothy and Jane were working through the writing course.  This thesaurus is an excellent companion to my original thesaurus and I highly recommend you add it to your bookshelf. The best part of this thesaurus is the way it helps you find words to help you build the character traits of the different character roles within your compositions. It has opened up a whole new world of describing the attitudes and emotions of people within the stories we are writing.

For example if we are writing a fable about the tortoise and the lazy hare. Looking up the word lazy we discover that a lazy person is also known as a dawdler, dullard, laggard, plodder, sluggard and slacker.  Lazy people are characterized by indolence, neglectfulness and lethargy. They are boring, idle, indifferent and inactive and find life to be tediously monotonous.

A Word Write Now is divided into four sections:
  1. Section A - Character Traits - when writing a story character plays an intricate roll in story formation. By organising a thesaurus by character traits it makes it easier for the student to use excellent descriptive words to communicate the character and emotion of their story.
  2. Section B  - Descriptive Words
  3. Section C - Words for Movement and Senses
  4. Appendix - here you will find:
    • Teaching  ideas and tips on making words a fun part of every day.
    • Words not related to time. Prepositions.
    • Literary Genres.
    • Definitions and examples of Literary Devices.
On each page you will find:
  • A definition of the original word.
  • A thought about the original word.
  • Excerpts from Classical Literature. (helps to give contextual reference to the word)
  • Words are classified by parts of speech (adjective, adverbs, verbs, etc).
  • Space to add new words which are descriptive.
  • A famous quote about the word.

The details

*This book comes with permission to photocopy and make a thesaurus for each of your children.

This year the Schoolhouse Review Crew have had the pleasure of using a few other IEW products. You can read a review of them here: Phonetic Zool Level A and IEW Deluxe Combination Level A

(This review was written by Chareen Rushworth, from Every Bed of Roses, for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.)

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