Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11

Today is a hard day for many people, and it should always remain a day for remembrance for the lives lost to hatred and terrorism. We will #NeverForget and I hope our nation never does either.

However, for our family, and many others, we celebrate the birth of one of our children. She was only one when the tragedy hit New York, so she didn't notice that we had the TV on all day watching the news. She knows now how significant her birthday is.

We remember the fallen, but celebrate the life that we have - each and every breath - and those of our precious girl too - as a gift of God.

Happy 15th Birthday to our girl. We are so grateful you are here with us.

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Jackie in TN said...

What a remembrance. Our daughter was only a month old when this day happened, and we were glued to the tube as well. Praise Jesus for His mercy and healing. Happy Birthday to you precious girl!