Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Amazing Free Notebooking Pages

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Just this year (after how many years of homeschooling?!) I discovered the awesome company, Notebooking Pages. I had heard of notebooking, but really did not actively look into it for our family until this year. I am using their pages in our co-op, and am thrilled with them! Have you used notebooking pages in your homeschool? I have mostly older kids and I did not think they would work for them, but boy, was I wrong! Here are some photos for different grade levels and how they were used. We are studying the explorers and I have each child taking notes and using the pages for their history notebooks!

So what do they look like? Like this!

I signed up at the link above for the free sample pages to try it out.

This is what you receive for free:

Click the link to see for yourself.
You might find you are as excited as I am!

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