Friday, August 28, 2015

New Year - Down to Three...

You just can't believe it when you start homeschooling - that it will ever come to an end. Especially if you started at the beginning like I did. I now have only three students. Three! Last year I graduated my second and she is now launched into the world.

This year I have a junior, a freshman, and a seventh grader. I have to say - I am really glad for that seventh grader because it means my homeschooling life still has a ways to go. I know many people freak out when their kids hit high school, and it has its own challenges for sure. However, in only six years, my homeschooling life will be over. That's astonishing to me.

I say this regularly - love those babies because they don't stay babies for long!

Now honestly, I'd not want them to. I really love having my teens, and my young adults, but it is different for sure, and in some ways much more challenging than those crazy-busy years of diapers, toilet training, and teaching them to read.

I am so glad that the Lord gives us at least 18 years of time with our children. I feel a distinct privilege as a homeschool mom because I get to be with them for so many more hours than I'd otherwise be if they were in school. That might sound crazy to some of you, but I'd not trade it for anything. Not for accolades in a career or for money - I love this amazing wonderful thing we call motherhood. Homeschooling makes it even sweeter. It is hard - harder than I ever thought it would be some days - but richer and more wonderful than I ever thought it would be too.

I am in the midst of planning for the 2015-2016 school year and even though I am not entirely ready, I am satisfied with where we are. Finishing the race - the high school race - is doable. Right now I am seeking to enjoy the journey a little bit more. I want to enjoy the time I have left with my three youngest children.

The time is fleeting. Love your kids. Enjoy this time. It is gone before you know it.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful post! It surely is a wonderful reminder of the blessing and privilege of motherhood. I am enjoying wach day, good or not so good.