Monday, June 01, 2015

Jury Duty Phone Scam Alert

Jury Duty Phone Scam Alert 

A "Deputy Shawn Gordon" called me Friday morning to tell me that I was in contempt of court due to a no-show for a federal grand jury selection. He told me I had two class C misdemeanors filed against me and that I could either turn myself into the sheriff's department to face any number of days in jail or I could pay my "bonds" via the phone call. It was a "courtesy" call before the warrant for my arrest was issued.

Now, I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to scams, but this guy was *on it* and he knew how to talk. About half way through the conversation I started to think - hmmm, some of this stuff isn't sounding right. I told him I could not pay without speaking to my husband so he gave me a phone number that I'd need to use right away because they had to file the warrant immediately after the "courtesy" phone call.

I hung up, called the Jury Commissioner's office and spoke to someone directly there. It was a total scam. They do not try to collect money over the phone - ever. People - be aware. These folks are smart and capable and can answer almost any question you throw at them.

Be aware. All I can say is that I am very glad I am not going to spend the weekend in jail.

Anything like this ever happen to you?


dog lover said...

Did you save the number? This is quite a popular scam now. They always come with different numbers. I also found some complaints about this "Grand Jury Duty" scam at my facebook feeds, Twitter, and some sites like http://whycall.me. All that I can say is just hung up the phone if you received these calls, and directly report the numbers to FTC or police department immediately.

Kate said...


Yes, I spoke to a detective in charge of the investigation, and he said they use burner phones. It is very hard to track these guys, but yes, I did follow up with the authorities. :)