Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Instagram Challenges - Do you do them?

The Schoolhouse Review Crew is doing a fun thing for the whole month of May - #31DaysofMay #IGChallenge! If you are not on Instagram, this will probably make little sense, but we have a good time showcasing photos of different things. This is the whole challenge at a glance:

So each day, we post something that to *us* defines the day's term.

This is my Day 1: May Flowers

These are some of the beauties in my backyard. I just love flowers
so this one is one I really enjoyed doing.

This is my Day 2: Sunny Yellow

I took it quite literally! I love how the sun looks through a camera lens. It was a very warm day - 90 degrees already - so this was quite fitting! 

This is my Day 3: My Heart

It is a rare thing to have my whole family together these days. With two adult children working and in school - life gets busy and full and we grab time when we can. These are two that have my heart! I am so grateful for family! 

This is my Day 4: Techie

Maybe the IG Challenge leaders meant a person, but my favorite tech support guy is my man and I already had him photographed for "My Heart." So I took it in a different direction and shared my newest (and needed) wireless tech to help my life! A few weeks ago I spilled coffee on my keyboard and my mouse has been on the fritz for quite some time. My favorite tech support husband didn't wait to be asked and bought this new set for me. I spend a lot of time on the keyboard for my job and it is just *so* nice to have working equipment!
Love my very own Techie!

So now you see how an IG Challenge works. We post these photos to Instagram and it is such fun to see what others are doing with the same key words. Have you ever done a challenge like this? Today's word is Cinco de Mayo and I have yet to figure out that one for me. I somehow thing cilantro will be involved! 

Happy Blogging!

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