Saturday, November 29, 2014


Love this time of year! We get to see all sorts of people we don't regularly spend time with.

We were able to take a family photo and life just keeps marching on (and my children keep getting taller!)

From our time at my mom's for Thanksgiving last weekend:

Then last night we had long-time friends over. It was such fun playing games and eating good food!

Have you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday time?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Blog Look!

It is hard to comprehend just how long it takes to find the right background. I am still not sure I landed on what I love, but for right now, these little birds will keep me company.

If you keep a blog, how often do you "clean house" and redo it?

I might do this more often - when I have some spare time. (Wink.) What homeschool mama has that?

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Crew Application - 2nd Chance! & Crew Favorites!

We have so many spots sold for the 2015 year that we are expanding our team. If you blog and love to review curriculum with your children, Apply Today!

Our Schoolhouse Review Crew Blue Ribbon Award Winners are up and posted! These are some of our favorite vendors for the 2014 year. Come and see if your favorites are ours or learn about something new!

2014 Blue Ribbon Awards

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On Veterans Day with Love

I wrote this a few years ago but the message is still true and poignant for me. I miss my grandpa like I miss no one else. He was a true gift of God to me at a very vulnerable time.

Growing up I didn't have a lot of contact with my father. My grandfather was the only real dedicated father figure I ever had during those years, but he really loved me. I never had any doubts about that. Always there for me, always encouraging, always happy to see me - to be a part of my life. He left his imprint and I am forever grateful. 

My grandpa met my grandmother at a dance hall in their town. It was right before World War II. He used to watch her dance from the balcony and finally got up the courage to ask her. They married during the war on a weekend pass. He made it through the war and they went on to have four daughters. My mother was their second. 

We saw each other regularly once I married and he loved my children every bit as much as he loved me. It was from him that I learned to cook a tasty beef roast, learned how to fry an egg to perfection, and drive a fast car. Every year on Veterans Day, I would call him and thank him for his service because I felt it was important to remember. 

My grandpa died eight years ago. He left a void I imagine nothing will ever fill. I think of him regularly, but especially on Veterans Day. There is an ache in my throat and tears in my eyes and I don't post this looking for sympathy. I just wanted to honor a man I loved deeply on this day, when I can no longer do it in person. 

Happy Veterans Day.

Monday, November 03, 2014


There are some birthdays that are more monumental than others. It isn't a hugely significant number like 21 or 30 or 40. It is only twelve, but it is big to me.

My baby was twelve last week.

See that tiny face in that photo? That tiny face is now the precious daughter above there in all her twelve year old amazingness. 

Life, mamas, life goes so fast. Love your babies. Love your children. Love your adult kids. 

Time is fleeting. 

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.