Monday, September 22, 2014

Under the Sky

You can probably tell from the name of my blog that I like the sky. (Smile.) I do! I love the clouds and the variations I find when I look up each day. I took this photo of our gorgeous sky last week while at a friend's home.

You'd have never known it when this photo was taken, but our state (and our area) is beset with fires up and down the length and breadth of it. One of them hits close to home personally. Though we are not in any physical danger, we have friends in the Sierra Foothills that, we hope, are finally out of the woods. The fire is only 18% contained as of today, but they look to be safe (at least we hope so!) There is so much loss already, but most of it is of forested land that most people do not see. It is hard to comprehend that it was arson that started it. We have been in a drought situation here so not only is it hot, it is also very very dry. What makes a person want to destroy the land around them?

I am very grateful that our friends are safe and I hope they stay that way. I hope the winds do not change up and bring the fire back towards the small towns up in the lovely area they are blessed to live in. I pray that all the fires in our crispy state will be doused with the rain that is supposed to be coming sometime soon. I am very grateful to know that God is in full control of all the crazy of the world, and I am sincerely glad to know that we are in His capable hands.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven..."

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