Friday, August 01, 2014

N is for Need

Clearly I needed a week of not thinking about blogging because I never did get back here to write the post I wanted to write. Instead, I will post pictures of things that fill a special need for me. The obvious are friends and family, but the less obvious are things of beauty that fill a spot in my soul.

This was on July 22. I planted these from seed and they are just glorious to me.
This is a photo taken today. They are close to 4 feet tall!

Some close up shots of the flowers in our yard. (Some of which are zinnias.)

The color is so lovely, isn't it?

This is something else I am *so* thankful for - fresh fruit and veggies!

Are you growing anything in your yard? 

This is something else that fills my spiritual soul, but in a much different way than my yard--and has far-reaching eternal blessings! These are *wonderful* Christian Bible study materials from Ligonier Ministries. These are such excellent series that you can often find on their $5.00 Friday for just that. (The $5 pricing only shows up on Fridays!)

Spiritual and physical needs being met each and every day - from our Lord to us!
I feel very blessed.

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