Saturday, May 10, 2014

B is for Beauty Captured

I really enjoy taking photos of life. There are so many things worth capturing and so much beauty in the world. These are my "Beauty Captured" photos. :)

Game Night:

It won't stay like this for long since the hot weather is coming,
but right now it is still green and lush.

Spring Backyard:

Our peach tree is lush and full and we even had a spring sunflower.

Elizabeth's New Dragon: Jade

I find dinner photos to be MUCH less lovely to look at, but the food was so good! These are gluten free blueberry muffins (scroll down at the link for the recipe) although I used mostly raspberries since one of my children ate the blueberries I thought we had! The main dish is a sausage, cheese, and veggie frittata. I tried, for the first time, sauteed onions, garlic, and radishes. It was a yummy change from potatoes which have a high glycemic response. I have discovered oolong tea too and I am now steeping it with my field of mint from the backyard. It is so refreshing!

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A Rup Life said...

Love the glimpse into your life! I will have to eventually try out my oolong tea that I bought a few weeks ago. HA! Radishes sound so weird to bake but since I already love them...maybe I'll try them too!

Kate said...

Lisa, I tried boiling them (and they were not very good that way). I think they will be great roasted. They were good sauteed. They have more water than a potato so it cooks a little differently. Good though and worked in lieu of potaoes for us. :D

I really do like the tea. I much prefer it with mint or with a good squirt of lemon. It is a stronger tea so I like it mixed with something. I also like it mixed with a mango black tea bag. :D


Michele said...

Your kids always look like they are having so much fun!
And I want a peach tree! Yummy!
Oh, and my kids want to come live with you and your animals!! ;)

Kate said...


We do have a lot of fun here. I think, as you think, I have the best kids in the world and am blessed to be their mother.

You come to CA, and you better come by!!