Thursday, March 06, 2014

No Work Sourdough! (Trim Healthy Mama Style!)

I am not on the Trim Healthy Mama diet, but I have a lot of friends that are and I found this amazing bread recipe courtesy of their Facebook page. I decided to give it a go to see if we would like the bread.

Easy E Bread Recipe

Now I don't even know what that title means, but those of you that are doing this diet certainly will.

Regardless, the bread is simply amazingly good...

There are four ingredients and it can be made with white or whole wheat. The link above explains the details, but wow!! This is sourdough with NO work at all.

The taste? Delicious! The longer it sets in the fridge, the better and smoother the flavors. 

Who knew bread baking could be this easy! 


Clarissa said...

I have been making this bread for months now! It is perfect for my busy life!

michelle said...

Kate, I make a Crusty No-Knead bread that looks very similar, but I had no idea that it was THM approved! It looks so good! Thank you!

Kate said...


At least the way this recipe is organized it is THM-OK'd. :D

Regardless, it is delish! I just started a 4C whole wheat and 2 C white batch. I will be curious to see the differences.

:) Kate