Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter by any other name...

For those of you under many feet of snow, here is hope for you! Spring is coming! Winter hasn't been winter here so my winter garden has gone crazy. These were taken today:

With nothing on the trees yet except a flower here and there, this color brightens the whole yard. It makes me happy!

We celebrated birthdays this week and last. Like some of you, I have a Valentine baby. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day because of it, but my Dad sent me a sweet card and a Starbucks fun card! 

Thanks, Dad!

We took a short trip on one of the birthdays to our favorite local plant nursery, High Hand. More color--and glorious color at that (and my precious birthday daughter too)!

We also had a lovely walk in a neighboring area this week. Some of the area was burned last year, but that didn't stop the kids from exploring!

I appreciate seeing the green growing at the base of the tree. Beauty from ashes. :)

I particularly liked this photo.

Do you go exploring with your kids outside? We don't do it enough, but I am trying to change that. There is so much to see in our world! Rich beauty and color--and the time is fleeting. :)

Enjoy your week!

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