Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Snake Museum

So for the first time in ten years of working, I took a full week off and did not check my work email at all. It was *amazing* to have that time to de-stress and just relax with my family!

On Friday of last week, we went to The Snake Museum in Lodi, California. We know it as The Serpentarium. I had no idea what kind of neat things were there. We really enjoyed it and were pretty amazed at the variety of creatures they had - not just snakes!

This was an anaconda that was army green with yellow spots. You could feel its muscles as it moved over the hands of the kids. Crazy!

These are baby bearded dragons and they are so funny! They have animated personalities and are very interested in those looking at them. They make a great pet if you want a reptile that will engage with you.

There is NO way to show you the size of this Burmese Python. Its body was as large as a dinner plate. You could NOT have gotten me to pet it for any money. It was fascinating, but yikes - huge!!

This was another large snake, but not anywhere near as huge. It was a beautiful yellow and white. I cannot remember the name of the snake. 

This was a rat snake of some kind and I thought he had particularly beautiful coloring.

This was a monster-sized Rhino Iguana. I am VERY glad we don't have this kind. :D

They had two very interesting fresh water turtles. I loved watching the graceful way they swam in the water. I had never seen this kind of turtle before and they had two!

The owner was training an employee here to handle the Tiger Rat Snakes. They were fast moving and it was fascinating to watch. I stood back about 15 feet.

This last photo is of a Green Tree Python. They are my favorite snake. I think they are beautiful and so interesting! They are about $500 or more and are well out of our league, but I still like seeing them and admire them every time I see them.

So would you have enjoyed this place or would you have run for cover? 

If you are ever near Lodi, definitely make the time to come.

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