Sunday, January 12, 2014

Studying the Greeks?

We are! I never get enough history - that is absolutely how I feel about it. I love reading about it, watching videos, studying the time period, and immersing myself in historical fiction of any time period. Right now we are in Greece.

We did a few fun things this past week, and one of them was downright delicious. While I had the older kids doing their map work with Knowledge Quest Map Trek, all the kids wanted to make their own edible maps of Greece. I started with a simple vanilla sugar cookie recipe, shaped the map to look roughly like the one seen here (found with a Google search), labelled that with a few cities I wanted the younger kids to know about, and let them go for it. I especially like the one on the upper left corner as she really did work to make it look like Greece, and "labelled" it correctly with snowflakes. (Edible history, of course!) After the hard work, they ate them.

We are using Biblioplan: Ancients and I have been enjoying it very much. The blend of Bible and Ancients is well woven. This week we began the study of ancient Greece, and of course we had to talk about the siege of Troy. I know there is some controversy over what is true of Homer's epic and what is fantasy. I wanted to know what might be out there to flesh out the story. So where does a homeschool mom go for visual help with a subject? Yep, Youtube. 

So what did I find on Youtube? The Truth of Troy. It was *so* fascinating. Now you can find out what may or may not be true. Is it legend, myth, or is there truth to the story? This video combined science, archaeology, history, and storytelling all into one. I couldn't believe that it tied into the Chemistry lesson I had just taught the kids that very day, but it did! Talk about providential! Sometimes the kindness of God, and the little things He allows us to experience, just blows me away. 

So what are you studying in your homeschool history class? Have you found any good resources online?

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