Monday, December 23, 2013

Pacific Beauty

We spent last weekend with lots and lots of family! I officially started my full week OFF and it has been lovely. I am not checking my work email for the whole time I am off so there is absolutely no stress at all!

We had a lovely visit with my family where we enjoyed amazing food courtesy of my mother. We don't do gifts for anyone but the children so the big Christmas meal is her gift to all of us. This is her roast pork seared and ready to enter the oven:

She made a vermouth sauce that went over the top once it was served. Wow. So good!

To go along with it, she made a salad and a scalloped potato and turnip dish that is baked with cream and Parmesan cheese. That is one of my favorite dishes! 

This was one of the desserts - a Pumpkin Gingerbread Triffle that had chopped, sugared, crystallized ginger on top. This is what it looked like:

If you like gingerbread and you like pumpkin - you will LOVE this. :) We did! It disappeared quickly and was loved by everyone--even the picky eaters!

On the way to my husband's sister's house, we made a stop to enjoy the coastline outside Pacifica, CA. It was stunningly clear and beautiful.

I had not seen the ocean for some time and wow, was it wonderful to sit and smell the fresh air and take in the expanse of the ocean. I love how tiny I feel in the midst of all that water in front of me yet I know my Savior loved me enough to go to the cross for me. In this season of celebrating His advent, I feel it is important to remember that He went on to accomplish something we never could--our salvation.

It is funny that the moment my children get access to the sand they take off for the water! We were there long enough for my youngest to get her shoes wet enough that she couldn't put them back on. :+) Nothing like the ocean!

We met up with the other side of the family and had a lovely second Thanksgiving/Christmas get together. It was such a nice day! All the grands got together for a photo. It is hard to believe that just a few years ago we all had little ones. Time keeps marching on!

In my husband's family, my sister-in-law has contributed all the boys save one, and we have contributed all the girls. We think they are all a pretty amazing bunch. :+)

I want to take a moment to wish you the very best of Christmases with your families. Enjoy this time with your children, friends. It goes awfully fast!

Merry Christmas!

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