Saturday, November 09, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

Last week we watched The Sound of Music and "Favorite Things" is one of my favorite songs from that film. There are so many beautiful things in the world, aren't there? Life certainly has its ups and downs, but when we take a few minutes to just enjoy what is around us, there is beauty everywhere.

Sometimes to get that beauty, you have to work a little bit! My garden is my outside haven. I don't have a great garden and I struggle to get things to grow even with my most amazing garden find ever, my Earthboxes. This year, my struggles were caused by a very real world problem: an entire family of rats. They ate all my melons and almost every tomato. I didn't know it until the end of summer. I just thought it was birds or a bad growing year. (I am a little slow...) I am hopeful they are all now dead due to a bad case of rat poison. However, gardening is still work and there are never "sure things" when there are also "sure things" like bugs, snails, rats, inclement weather, and other animals! So today, I spent some time with my daughter putting in more of our winter garden.

Do you plant a winter garden? Can you plant one in your area? I am very blessed to live in a place where I can grow things year-round. I know that is definitely not the case for all my web friends!

This year we planted a few things I have never done before: bok choi, Swiss chard, and kale. I am not a big eater of these kinds of greens, but I am very much hoping they grow. I want to be a better eater of greens and Bok Choi - I can stir fry that and I think it will be delicious! It will also help feed our iguana as she is an herbivore and eats all the green leafy things we are supposed to eat too. (See, I *can* learn from our reptiles! heehee) We also planted turnips, broccoli, green cabbage, cauliflower, snow peas, and lettuce. I will add arugula soon and maybe more turnips or rutabaga. I am not even sure if turnips or rutabaga are winter veggies, but we have such mild winters here that even if they are not, I am willing to give it a try! :D

My son is beginning his journey with braces. We went in this week to a) fix his broken front tooth, and b) get the measurements and computer tech aspects done for his Invisalign braces. My older two did braces, but they did brackets so this is brand new to us. I was *very* happy to see his front teeth looking like normal teeth again!

While he was in there being fixed and measured, I took off for an hour trip to Barnes & Noble. Can I just say how much fun it is to spend an hour poking around that store!? These were some of the pretties I found. 

They have the loveliest leather journals that are *so* very tempting--and I don't even journal. :D They are just so beautiful and elegant and I want to want to journal. That has to count for something, right? ;)

I have a particular interest in all things Plantagenet and this book looked so interesting to me. I did not buy anything but a mocha there, but I sure have fun poking around and thinking about Christmas. Isn't that book set delicious?

Where do you go to poke around? Bookstores are my drug of choice. 

Speaking of books, I just finished a really interesting read. Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin

Now on the surface, you might think that is Benjamin Franklin's wife, but it isn't. It is his sister. They have letters to and from Franklin and his sister through much of her life. She was the only sibling of his to live to old age and they seemed very close. It was such an interesting time to live, but not one I would have wanted to go through. She has a hard life! I highly recommend the book. The author writes from a modern perspective that I did not love, and at times I thought her hypothesis of events or her comments of what "Jane must have thought" were off (at least they were off to me), but it did not take away from the book in any real way. What are you reading?

We have begun a brand new Bible study that was only just released.
Bible Doctrine for Teens and Young Adults, Volume 1
Bible Doctrine for Teens and Young Adults, Volume 2 and
Bible Doctrine for Teens and Young Adults, Volume 3 We are beginning with Volume 1. I am *very* happy with these resources. This is the Table of Contents for the first volume:

1. God's Essence, God's Names, God's Attributes

2. God's Revelation - General and Special, God's Word - Its Inspiration and Completion

3. The Bible - Its Ancient History, Translations, Infallibility, and Qualities - False Religions

4. The Trinity, God's Decree, Predestination

5. God's Creation, Theory of Evolution, Angels

6. God's Providence

7. The Creation of Man, The Image of God, Man's Soul and Body, The Covenant of Works

8. The Fall of Man, Sin, Death

9. The Covenant of Grace

10. The Mediator, The Natures of Jesus Christ, The Names of Jesus Christ

Doesn't that sound amazing? We are in the second chapter already and wow, this is such an amazing resource! I have never found anything this thorough for older children so I was very happy to discover this.

What are the resources you use that you love?

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