Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snapshots of Life - October Days

I like taking photos. It is fun to see trends of things that I am drawn to and photos of what we do in our lives every week. Animals and science experiments are a trend for me right now! This is one of the experiments we did in co-op on density from Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. Lady Charlotte leads this part of our co-op, and I am so grateful because I am just not this fun. I would probably have skipped this experiment because it required so many things, but she chose it because she is awesome like that.

Sometimes the sweet moments are unplanned. On the spur of the moment I told my children to get shoes on and that we were going for gelato. No one argued. :D We went to The Fountains. This is a beautiful outside marketplace filled with flowers and, of course, fountains. It was a lovely evening where we discovered a fun store that and enjoyed the company of two other friends too. I very much enjoy spur-of-the-moment events.

On a visit to a friend's home, we discovered the glory of the Chinese Tallow Tree. It was in full beauty for fall. Isn't is lovely? Fall makes me happy. Do you have a favorite time of year?

On the way home from our friend's, we stopped at one of the prettiest places around, High-Hand Nursery, in Loomis. This place is astonishingly pretty and refreshing. Emma was playing with the koi as they nibbled her fingers. 

Below is another shot from inside the barn area at High-Hand Nursery. Aren't the colors beautiful?

Most of you know that we enjoy reptiles here. This is courtesy of our reptile-loving daughter. As you can see, she has an iguana and she likes to do her school with the iguana. Yeah, I know, funny, huh? God has grown me so much with this whole reptile thing. It began a few years ago when my husband and daughter brought home three snakes and two bearded dragons - at one time. (Yes, we are still married! :D)

I was NOT into reptiles at all, but I knew this girl of mine had a real interest in them so I just knew this was an area that God was growing me in. I didn't want to know about reptiles much less own any, but when one of your children loves something, sometimes we do things we might not normally do. I went to a reptile show with her around this time and began to get excited about these strange creatures. God grew our relationship because of it. I am very grateful. 

Do you like poison dart frogs? I find them adorable and fascinating. This one is not ours, but is located at the local reptile store. Did you know that in the wild they are, of course, poisonous, but in captivity they are not? What makes them toxic is what they eat. I had no idea. This guy is about as big as a quarter if you count his legs. He body is as round as a dime. They are very small, very bright, and entirely beautiful to me.

This is our little chameleon. I know I shared a photo of him last time, but he is just adorable here all curled up and sleeping. When he is full grown, he will be red and blue and gorgeous. He already flares up into green when he gets riled. He is a funny little creature!

Not only does this child like reptiles, but she loves dogs. This is our rescue dog, Rocky. He will probably never be an easy-going dog, but he is loyal as the day is long and loves our family--especially my girl. He is a funny addition to our home that I didn't expect to love nearly as much as I do. See those big brown eyes? Yeah, he is a real sweetheart and uses them against us!

Here is my science theme again! Here we made lava lamps and just had a ball!

I enjoy art so much. I know I have posted on this topic a lot, but there is nothing like art. The talents God gave some of these men and women astonishes me. It is a reflection of His glory. This past week we studied Cezanne. His art is not as amazing to me as some, but it was very fallish and the colors were lovely. We used chalk again and recreated Cezanne's Apples and Oranges

Today is the birthday of my youngest. I cannot believe it has been 11 years since her birth. She is a delight to me, full of life and joy, and she brings sunshine where ever she goes. The happiest birthdays to my girl!


Charlotte said...

I love these glimpses into your life, my friend. And the chameleon with his tail curled is so cool!


Melanie Reynolds said...

Beautiful pictures, Kate! You have such a lovely family....and such a cute chameleon!

Blessings to your family, and your birthday girl!

Kate said...

Thanks, Melanie! :)