Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Van Gogh via Chalk Pastels

It is wildly rare that I will see something on Facebook, click through a link, read a review, and buy it point-blank. I know that sounds sort of funny considering what I do for a living, right? However, I rarely do that. I did this time and don't have any regrets at all!

Last week I bought this set (Fall Art Tutorials Seasonal Chalk Pastel Bundlefrom Southern Hodgepodge. It was (and still is as of this moment) only $7.99. I don't often buy e-books, but this just looked too arty and fun for me to pass up. It was also *perfect* for our co-op.

So off we went to Hobby Lobby where I used a 40% coupon that I searched for on Google to buy some chalk pastels. Last year we did quite a bit of work with oil pastels (which was great fun, by the way), but we have not used these before. Guess what? They are a lot like chalk, but with much richer colors. I know, coincidence, right? ;) I loved all the color choices though!

Chalk Pastels Through the Seasons has an art project in it that focuses on recreating a known piece of artwork. Since we are studying Van Gogh via the Fine Art Pages, I thought, "Hey, why not recreate Starry Night?"

This is Van Gogh's Starry Night:

So I printed a bunch of them out and spread the kids and the pastels around the table and told them to create their own Starry Night.

I have always really liked using the Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artist books. We have used them for years and I own a ton of them. They are one nonfiction book that my children read over and over again. Today, I read it out loud while the kids they did their work so we all learned about Van Gogh and the progression of his art, his techniques, and his rather tragic life. 

They all did a wonderful job!

Each child has their own flair and focus. I loved this!

Be aware that chalk pastels are not neat art crafts and my table was quite blue at the end of it. It washes off easily though, and even the blue washed right out of a white dress!

If you decide to do a chalk art day, definitely let me know what you think of it! I was really happy with the results of all eight of the children--at all different ages and ability levels.

Aren't they pretty?

Don't they make you want to use them? :)


Anonymous said...

Kate, what a WONDERFUL art lesson! I love those chalk pastels myself, although I haven't had a lot of experience with them. I have never seen them used to create a famous artist's work, like y'all did.

Beautifully done!

Kate said...

Thank you! It was really fun to watch the creative juices at work today!


Charlotte said...

They did such a good job, (even the boys), and were so creative!

And I am glad the blue washed out of the dress. :-)

Thanks, my friend.

Kate said...

Thanks for being a part of it! :)


Tonia said...

That looks like so much fun! Looks like they really enjoyed the project!

Kate said...


Even the older ones liked it! :)