Wednesday, September 04, 2013

On the First Day of Co-op My Charlotte Gave to Me....

A daughter with an interest in writing!

It is so exciting to me to see my youngest genuinely interested in the process of writing--any language arts for that matter! It was such a struggle to teach her to read and I just rejoice in the work that is going on here. Charlotte is using the IEW materials we received as Crew members this year and is starting slowly. She helped the girls break down sentences into the main words of the sentence and then rewrote it with them. I just love seeing this happen!

We are also using Biblioplan: Ancients and I am very excited to get going on this. In conjunction with Biblioplan, we are using Map Trek: Ancient World (as they just have unbeatable maps!) I love their work and they are perfect for what we are doing with Biblioplan. Biblioplan has its own maps, but I think Map Trek is better so we are using those instead. For a little extra fun, and a great way to see Egyptian life (and the story of Joseph) come to life, we watch about an hour of the movie, Joseph. I definitely recommend it, but do know that they show Potifar's wife in a realistic way!

We also made salt dough maps of Egypt today and will paint them next week. We had the four youngest draw the map onto cardboard and then fill in the non-water parts with salt dough. It will be fun to see what the finished product looks like!

Chemistry is on the docket this year and I really like this company's work. They make it real, tangible, and interesting! They apply it to life too so students walk away with something rather than what *I* walked away with when I took Chemistry a million years ago--nothing!

We used this company's Biology years ago and watched it as a family. I loved the creation focus and the way he explains things in an understandable manner to the student (and sometimes to the benefit of the mama too!) :D

We are also using Classical Composers Monthly Fine Art Pages. You can get a sample of what these are on their website. I won a set of the art pages and we are using them. It is a simple way to get a little bit of art history into one's homeschool and right now, I need simple! I may dabble in their composers study too, but I have not gotten that far yet.

Still, all in all, we are doing a lot in co-op this year and have stepped up the work for the kids during the week too. I am thrilled that we are able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time and build and help each other. I don't think my kids would get this rich of an education were I schooling alone--in fact I know they wouldn't. I do so appreciate that accountability!

Do you co-op any of your subjects?


Mary said...

Fun stuff! I have heard bits about Biblioplan, but I have never seen it.

I am hoping to get to a salt dough map of Texas this week.

Anonymous said...

Yay! What wonderful subjects and creativity!

Our boy is taking a theater class, a Lego engineering class, plus has one hour in homework room (while I TA for a friend).

So grateful for all we receive in coops!

Btw....is that by any chance, a Charlotte I might know? :)

Kate said...

Yes, it is the same Charlotte! :) She is one of my best friends.

How nice that you TA for a friend!

Mary, I am going to do a review of it. It is a neat program and I am SO excited to be using it. :)


Charlotte said...

I SO love it that she is enjoying the writing!

And I am so excited for this year and what we are going to learn.

Hugs, my friend. :-)