Tuesday, August 06, 2013


There are some herbs I have experience with in a personal way and yarrow is one of them. This is from my yard.

Many years ago, when my first was only a baby, I came down with a strong fever. I knew from my herba; studies that yarrow would help break it so I had my husband make me a tea from the leaves. I drank it and it  did just that. 

While I am not recommending you do that for a fever of your own without doing your own research, I am continually amazed and impressed by the natural remedies that God gave us that are all around us for the taking. I have several different medicinal herbs growing in my garden and they are a first-stop for me. I wish I had more space and a better growing area to make it more of a real medical garden, but I do what I can.

Do you use herbs for your families? What has worked for you?

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