Monday, July 01, 2013

Well, the one thing this heat does is...

Make the garden grow! I can't complain about that!

Those of you that have not been following my weather posts, this is what is expected here this week:

Pretty gross all around, but the tomatoes and the melons sure love it!

Here is my garden update. It has been three weeks since I posted photos and now you will see why I like EarthBoxes so much!

Here is the top view of my bush beans. The plants are so large they are starting to fall over with their weight so I took the photo from the top as the metal around them that holds them up is not very pretty.

The cantaloupe - that I think is just so pretty!
(Please ignore the weeds!)

The honeydew melon:

My glorious peppers that are ripening!

It is hard to tell the size of these peppers - the one below is easily close to a foot long.

And these are the black ones:

Such a lovely shade of red!

My second zucchini is just about ready to produce. The dark green color of the leaves is just so pretty to me.

My cucumbers are reaching maximum and are producing all these strangely shaped things that taste great, but do look martian-like. :D

Monster tomato number 1. 

Finally seeing these beautiful babies. They will love the heat!

Tomato number 2:

Can't wait for the harvest!

How does your garden grow?

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Charlotte said...

Your garden looks great! And that is so true...the veggies are going to LOVE this heat. :-)