Monday, June 03, 2013

June - Be Encouraged!

The June issue of
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine 
is available right now! 

If you have been feeling like you need a little extra encouragement or direction - they have something for everyone! Check out some of the article titles!

10 Homeschool Life Questions…Answered!  - By Deborah Wuehler

Ten Tips for Managing a Multi-Level Homeschool – By Malia Russell

Why Read Great Books? – By Victoria Van Vlear

How Does a Stay-at-Home Mom Choose a Business?  - By Hope Ludeke

Calm but Engaging Scholarship – By Brian D. Ray, Ph.D

A Crash Course on Latin – By Amy Barr

The County Fair – By Bonnie Rose Hudson

Reliance on God – By David C. Gibbs III

A Generation of Movers and Shakers – By Grace Einkauf and Nathan Exley

God’s Big Blue Supermarket – By Cindy Downes

Lessons in Grace – By Shelia Campbell

Let’s Go to the Beach!  - By Kendra Fletcher

Learning at the Speed of Life – By Taunya Richards

A Life in Nature – By Mary Hood, Ph.D

Put Some Wind in Your Sails!  - By Lupe Tucker

Repeating a Grade – By Dianne Craft

The Worldviews of Art – By Michelle Foxworthy

A Challenge for Young Men – By Rhea Perry

The Wonders of a Wetland – By Joy Kita

Bon Voyage!  Homeschooling on the Sea!  - By Shelly Campbell-Harley

And the most exciting thing?
It is all free for you to click through and read! 


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