Friday, May 03, 2013

You know it's spring when...

When I start writing about gardens and post pictures of my EarthBoxes! I don't get paid a single dime from EarthBox.com, but I probably should! I just happen to love them because they work for us.

People often ask me if they work and what I plant. This is how we began our growing year--with snap peas:

Pretty unimpressive, right? Well, everything has a small beginning!

This is what it looks like now--just two months of growth:

And it produces such pretty flowers...

That turn into these...

They are sweet and delicious!

The ladybugs love them too. 

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Some of them might be from our own growing experience. We bought this ladybug kit and this is what they look like when the ladybug larvae arrive:

They eat and eat for days and the all of a sudden, something goes off in their tiny brains and they crawl up the side and hook onto it: 

Then they form a hard shell that is soft at first, but it hardens. 

Then the ladybugs come out! We let them go after a few days into our garden.

It was a quick process, but fascinating to watch! The other one we did was the butterfly kit. The kit comes with the net as shown in the photo on Amazon and then you order the caterpillars separately. Five of them arrived a lidded cup with their food:

Seems pretty unimpressive, right? :) It was to me, but I knew what would happen so we just left it on the counter and watched them grow. They almost look like they are dead, but they definitely are not. Talk about monster eaters and growers! They get big very fast and then over the course of a day or two, they form chrysalides and hang from the top of the container. Once that is done, you pin it to the side of the net and wait for them to emerge. All five of our caterpillars transformed. This is what one of our transformed painted lady butterfly look like!

As you can tell, we let them go. They are so lovely and such fun to watch emerge. I cannot recommend these kits enough.

We also bought Where Butterflies Grow book to go with it:

Spring or summer unit study!

Enjoy your spring!


April said...


Homeschooling6 said...

I have an ant farm and butterfly kit that have not been used. They've only been hanging around since Josh was in third grade. :/

Michele said...

Ok, you have sold me...as soon as we get settled in SD I am going to buy some of those Erath boxes! You can grow things in SD, can't you? ;)

Unknown said...

Oh your peas are looking great! We just had snow last weekend! LOL

Kate said...

I have had such fun this spring and we are already harvesting zucchini! :D

Kim, so many of my out-of-CA friends are saying the same things! It was 90+ degrees here today. Crazy!