Monday, May 20, 2013

Late Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it is almost summer. That I am blessed to be a mama. That I have a wonderful husband. That I am so happy my daughter has such a wonderful young man in her life.

What I'm reading: Just started a book called The Bad Popes. Wow.

What I'm listening to: The sound...of silence.

What we're learning: How Kikkomann soy sauce is made! We went on a tour on Friday at one of their two US factories and wow, was it interesting! Math with Math Mammoth right now (via the Crew) and a little grammar here and spelling via The Phonetic Zoo there. I am going to start Classical Conversations' PreScripts Cursive with my two daughters soon too. No history or science right now as we are on a much-needed co-op break. I always hit a wall in May. I always have and probably always will. LOL

I am just getting ready to start reading Stories from the Old Squire's Farm that came to me courtesy of Paperback Swap. It has been on my wishlist for years. I couldn't believe I got it!

What I'm watching: We just wrapped up a season of Doctor Who and Elementary. What are you watching?

What's cooking: I love making huge salads that are filled with all sorts of things. I made a huge romaine salad tonight with the following ingredients: tomatoes, avocados, red onion, sweet pepper, garbanzo beans, hard-boiled egg, bacon, chicken and blue cheese crumbles. I make my own dressing out of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, garlic, Gulden's mustard, and Bragg's Liquid Aminos. It. Was. Delicious. It is one of our family summer (or summer weather) favorites. What do you love to eat when it is hot outside?

What I'm buying: I bought our family a brand new tent for Mother's Day. My kind of gift. :D

What I'm thankful for: That I live in California where the growing season is long and the fruits and veggies are delicious.

What I'm creating: Art lessons for fun for the kids over the summer.

What I'm praying: For all those in Oklahoma tonight that have lost loved ones or that still don't know if they have.

What I'm planning: Meals for the next two weeks. This freaks me out.

What we did this last weekend: We cleaned out the garage - which does not sound like much, but I love purging and wow, was it good to get it all delivered to the DUMP! We also had a lovely post-church afternoon at a dear friend's home.

What I'm looking forward to: Each and every day. They seem to keep getting shorter and shorter the longer I live. I don't want to squander them.

A picture to share:

Swing dancing with my girl. Love these two.

Have a beautiful week!


Mark Kessler said...

My dear, you get more and more precious as the years go by. Thank you for saying "I do" those (almost) 21 years ago! -M

Kate said...

You made my night - as always. <3

Love you!

Charlotte said...

You two are so cute. :-)

As always, I love this. That salad sound so yummy, and good for you, planning out two weeks of a menu! The art sounds fun and I LOVE the photo of those two.

Very precious times. I'll miss you this week, my friend.