Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Musings

What I'm thinking: How fast time flies for the time we have with our children. I know I talk about this a lot, but wow, it is hitting home over and over these past few weeks! My oldest child is taking her assessment exams today for college in the fall. I am so proud of her and can't believe that the person I see before me at 18 was the baby that we welcomed so many years ago. It has been an honor seeing her grow.

What I'm reading: I am reading The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown. It is a non-fiction writing about her life, and about the lives of those that surrounded her; both those that loved her and those that wanted her dead.

What I'm listening to: Nothing! It is very quiet here today! We had a busy weekend and all are in recovery I think. :D

What we're learning: We have started back up with ancient history and are now settling into Egypt for a while. I really enjoy ancient cultures and Egypt holds a fascination for me and always has. I don't see myself ever visiting there in my lifetime due to the chaos that abides in the land, but I am grateful for videos and good books that give me a taste of it.

What I'm watching: We have been watching Elementary. It is a show with Sherlock Holmes in the US with Lucy Liu. We are enjoying the observation skills he showcases. I cannot vouch for all the subject matter, but the form behind the substance is worth understanding.

What's cooking: I have *really* been getting into Indian food! I discovered that I enjoy it and that a local store caries all sorts of wonderful spices and chutneys to eat with it. This is one of the spice packets:

I mix it up as instructed, after doubling the chicken, and then I add a ton of veggies to it. It is just SO good! I have made it from scratch too, but this comes together in less than an hour and that is very helpful in my busy homeschool house!

I also discovered a cilantro sauce that I am going to write about soon. It is a wonderful addition to almost any kind of meal from soup to burritos!

What I'm buying: I bought myself a Brother laser printer. We do so much printing for our schooling and the ink costs are a killer. The printer was a decent price (on sale) and the printing quality is top notch. :)

What I'm thankful for: The privilege of homeschooling my children. It is not as easy life, but it is a life I am very grateful for.

What I'm creating: Lesson plans for ancient history.I am a little behind on that! :D

What I'm praying: I am praying that my children walk with Christ; that they find their place in His kingdom and world, and that they know they are loved and an important part of His church.

What I'm planning: I am planning to do some meal planning. Mind you, I am only planning to do it. :)

What we did this last weekend: We had a busy weekend! Saturday was spent doing house clean-up, gardening, running children around, and all around general Saturday stuff. Sunday was spent at church and then at a friend's home where we are always welcome and the fellowship is sweet.

What I'm looking forward to: Tuesday night for dinner with my aunt when all the college appointments we are attending to this week will be done. :)

A picture to share of early spring in the corner garden with mint, gladiolas, snap dragons, and a whole lot of seeds and weeds coming up from the ground.


Unknown said...

Your corner garden looks beautiful, and the book your reading sounds very interesting!

Thank you for sharing.

- Tearri

Charlotte said...

Love this.

That books sounds really interesting...I'll pick your brain about it when you are done. Your garden is gorgeous, and have fun on Tuesday...say hi to P&N for me!!

Love you, friend.