Friday, March 29, 2013

Five on a Friday - Spring Fun!

Thanks, Miranda, for this fun link-up!

1. I am excited to plant our nine other EarthBoxes next week. We have one planted with snow peas and it is growing well! This is what it looks like:

I can already taste the peas! There is naturalized mint all over the ground that we gather as-needed thoughout the growing season. Mint is really like a weed, but it is a weed I don't mind. I will take it over Bermuda grass ANY day of the week. 

Will you grow a garden this year? What do you like to plant?

2. It is always exciting to me to see seeds growing. This is lettuce (that you can barely see):

and this is arugula just up out of the ground:

So many seeds look just like this when they pop up. Basil looks just the same, but this will end up being very tasty in our salads from our salad tables

These will hold herbs and anything that will grow in a more shallow raised bed. I plan on savory, marjoram, oregano, two different kinds of basil, green onions, cilantro, and maybe some others. I have seven of these large squares to fill! If I can find some medicinal herbs, I will do those too.

3. We plan to have people over here on Easter Sunday after church for fellowship and fun. I love having people over - it makes me happy! Do you have Easter Sunday plans?

4. This year, after *many* years of wanting to buy one, I finally bought a Foxglove (Digitalis) plant. I never bought one because I know they are poisonous if eaten. Sometimes my children eat the herbs (basil and mint especially) straight from the garden, and I didn't want to chance it. I think my children are now old enough that I don't have to worry about it. I LOVE this flower - it reminds me of cool shady garden in an old country manor. I can't wait for it to flower. 

Do you plant things just for their beauty? My garden area is mostly devoted to edibles, but I do have a few sections that are there for the sheer joy of the lovely. I have a whole gladiolus section that I never touch for the same reasons. :)

5. Spring bugs can be really interesting. This is a giant moth from our weekend away to the California Delta. 

It was really very beautiful and quite large. I would say it was a little bit smaller than a dollar bill folded in half. I wasn't so brave as to touch it, but I admired it and took its picture. That will have to do. :D

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Have a beautiful weekend!


Gwen T said...

We started doing a raised bed garden here in TX last year. Everyone told us we could start planting in Feb, which we did, to have an early harvest and avoid the awful heat in the summer.

But this year we've had several late frosts - agh!! My poor tomatoes didn't survive, so we're starting over. It takes some getting used to planting/growing seasons here in TX - I spent my whole life up north and I'm not used to having to work so hard to get tomatoes to grow well and survive the heat!

However, cactus and okra seem to grow really well. :)

I love your gardening/growing herb ideas, Kate, although I must say that foxglove just reminds me of Agatha Christie murder mysteries. :)

Kate said...


I love the Agatha Christie reference! :D

Yes, I have had to try to be patient about early planting because I have done the same thing! It is frustrating to make it all work, isn't it? Gardening is one of those things where I make a LOT of errors and try to learn from them each year. :)

Cactus and okra! Eee gads. LOL

Thanks for commenting!


Miranda Hupp said...

You got me all excited! I am going to start seeds as soon as Easter is over. Since we are looking to move, I am going to do container gardening this year. I am bit discouraged that I don't get a big garden but moving closer to where Brian works gets us closer to our goal of buying land in a few years. So I'm being patient!

Thanks for linking up!

Tess said...

I want to have a garden this year. Today the weather is beautiful but I'm not sure I have the energy but we're talking about it!

Kate said...


Thanks for hosting it! I figured - I can do five things! :D You got me going as I had wanted to post about the garden. :)


Start small. The biggest discouragement to me is when I try to go big, don't have the time, so nothing gets done well. Start small and grow a few plants of things you really want and keep on those. Then grow your garden as the years go on. :)

Thanks for commenting, ladies!


Anonymous said...

We still have snow on the ground but I can't wait to start gardening. Looking at all your pictures has me even more excited now. I love to plant tomatos and then I can speghetti sauce. This year I would love to do pickles for the first time but we will see. :)

Kate said...

You will have to tell me your recipe for spaghetti sauce and how you can it! I would love to know!

Thanks for commenting!