Monday, January 21, 2013

My Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: I am thinking that I really do enjoy homeschooling--most of the time. :) I am consistently amazed at the interests and abilities of my children. I love seeing them blossom right before my eyes. Each of them have different skills and talents and it is really a wonderful thing to watch them develop. The conversations I have with my older children--I just feel very grateful to have them with me.

What I'm reading: Meh. I am not reading anything exciting right now. I have spent a little time in my homesteading/garden book, but since the weather is not planting weather, I have not been too motivated. I am looking for a good book to read to my children. We started Pilgrims Progress. While I know it is a classic Christian work, it is very difficult for me to get into it. They all know the story through what I think is a much more interesting illustrated edition, The Dangerous Journey, and so I think I am just going to move on.

What we're learning: We are wrapping up modern history, but are still in the 50's/60's. We are not done with it yet, but wow, I can taste ancient history already, and am planning for our next history cycle. I have assigned the kids in our history co-op some interesting topics for presentations. I am really looking forward to hearing them all this Wednesday. These are some of them:

The Space Race
US Nuclear Experiments in the Pacific Ocean Post-WWII
President Eisenhower
Post-WWII East Berlin
Various Civil Rights Topics

What's cooking: I am making beef stew tonight. I don't know if I ever posted a recipe for that. Probably not. I might just do that! :D

What I'm buying: My order for Elderberries just shipped from Amazon. I am wildly excited it shipped because it took a week for it to do so and I thought the order would be cancelled. They are very hard to find right now. I am planning on making Elderberry Syrup for wellness. Elderberries have the most amazing properties. I might also make a tincture just to have that on hand too. We will see what a pound looks like first. A friend of mine has planted some elderberry plants. I think I am going to look into that.

What I'm thankful for: All the curriculum I am blessed with in my job. We are currently using some truly wonderful things and wow, I would not have them were it not for my work.

What I'm creating: Loosely, in my head, a garden plan. My garden plans are usually much more vast in my head than what actually comes to pass, but I like to think of what could be here. We already have started some seeds that we hope sprout to plant just after the last frost here. Spring comes early and I am going to take advantage of it. If I have to live in one of the hottest places, I am going to do my best to use the heat! I would like to purchase two more EarthBoxes, but the shipping is a killer. I don't want to pay $16.95 to ship something that is $30 so I am going to wait to see if they come out with a coupon for the spring. You never know!

What we did this last weekend: We had a very busy few days! We had friends overnight on Saturday and they joined us at church Sunday morning. We then went to a dear friend's ranch and enjoyed the most glorious weather and more fellowship and then back to evening service. It was a very enjoyable time!

What I'm looking forward to: Friday night we host our church's youth study. Our pastor does a great job of leading the youth in study and then everyone will stay for snacks, games, and conversation. I enjoy hosting and am happy to do it!

A picture to share:

Our new bird, Flash. He is a Lutino Cockatiel.

Have a lovely week!


Charlotte said...

Love this, my friend! J & K are getting their reports ready for co-op, and I am getting excited about starting in Ancients soon! And your elderberry experiment will be interesting. You inspire me with the gardening...I haven't even given it a thought yet. Can't wait to see you later this week!:-)

Unknown said...

awww . . .we have a cockatiel! his name is Paulie.