Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I see clay people.

We love Sculpey Clay around here - do you use it in your home? I have several children that love to work with it and they are not all the youngest ones! We have been doing things in miniature and here are some of the results. There were done by my ten year-old who really enjoys working with clay!

These are next to a dime so you can see the size of these figures:

Here are some ladies and their party food.

And a dime again for size. 

And the cat...

She comes up with these things entirely on her own. I just love to watch. :)

What do your children do that is creative?


DeliveringGrace said...

These are lovely. My six year old loves clay although some of her best creations haven't survived her three year old brother! My little ones love painting. I am very grateful for an oil cloth which has saved the table on numerous occasions.
Cooking is another favourite with all the children. The older children are much more creative than I am but then they don't have to produce quite so many meals!

Kate said...

I forgot to publish this comment! I wish I had thought of oil cloth early on. I definitely have lost tables to crafts! :D

Thanks for sharing!


Sharon said...

The little cat is adorable! She did an excellent job!