Saturday, December 08, 2012

Nature - December Glory

I have not been on a nature walk in a long time. I wonder why I wait so long when I finally get going. It is wonderful to be outside with my children enjoying the beauty of the land around us. Even in the suburbs you can find open spaces to run and enjoy.

It is much nicer full size - and in real life. :)

Here is my number two and her dog. 

Oldest and youngest running through the paths - that never gets old, does it?

It was just a gorgeous bright sunny day.

We have had a  monstrous amount of rain in the last two weeks so we found all sort of 
different types of mushrooms.

This was so huge and so neat. I don't know the names of any of them or how poisonous or edible any of them are. We didn't touch them - just admired their intricate beauty.

And we took some wonderful pictures of my wonderful children. 

And our crazy dog, Rocky. 

It was a lovely time.


Homeschooling6 said...

Love the pictures with your children on the tree. I've been looking for a tree to update my FB page photo ;)

Do you all own the land in the pictures? My kids would really enjoy all that space.

Kate said...


Oh no, I wish we did. That is a lovely park in a city a few over from ours. We live in the burbs. One of my dreams is to have land some day. :)

Thanks for your kind words!


Michele said...

I agree, the picture with the kids in the tree is great!!!

Kate said...

Thanks, Michele!

:) Kate

Charlotte said...

What a fun place for a walk. You'll have to share with me where it is...

And you took GREAT photos of those mushrooms.

Love you, my friend!

Kate said...

Thanks, Charlotte! That is a high compliment coming from you because you take such lovely pictures!

We will go together - this place is beautiful and close - Rocklin. :)