Friday, December 21, 2012

For a cold evening...Creamy Potato Soup with Broccoli and Ham!

OK, so when winter rolls around, I turn to my big soup pot. Out of it comes some yummy stuff. It has taken me years and years to figure out how to make a good soup. I have watched some of my friends create the best things and learned from them. Now I like what I make and so does my family. This is a big step up from ten years ago when my "chicken soup" was more like "watered-down chicken with soggy veggies." Can you identify with that?!

So, in light of that, and since I figured out how to finally get my potato soup to taste like I want it to, I wanted to share it here so you could enjoy it this winter if you are a potato soup kind of gal. :D

Start here:

It doesn't matter what kind you use as you will blend them up and they all taste like potatoes to me.

I used ten pounds for my soup tonight. Your amount may vary, but I cook for seven mouths and I mean to have leftovers so I go big. You can freeze this too if you are a smaller family - just don't add the broccoli or the ham until you reheat it.

10 pounds of potatoes, chopped, rinsed, and set aside.

Three large onions, chopped, mixed with a full bulb of chopped garlic - saute all in two tablespoons of olive oil (or vegetable oil of your choice - I don't recommend coconut oil in this one as you don't want that flavor in the soup.) Saute until brown and really full of flavor. This is the KEY to this soup so don't skimp on the sauteing time.

Once they are done, toss in the chopped potatoes and cover with chicken broth of your choice (homemade or from a can or cube - your choice here.) Let this simmer until all the potatoes are soft. 

While simmering, chop up a full head of broccoli or at least six cups of it. I saute this in another pan until it is bright green - you don't want to overcook it as it will continue to cook in the soup. I take a package of ham sandwich meat and chop it up. If I had leftover ham, I would use that, but I need easy for most days of the week and a package of sliced ham is not hard to come by!

Once the potatoes are done, you will want to blend it by whatever means you have. I happen to have one of those hand-held blenders that I can place into a cooking pan, turn on, and it blends for me. I have used a blender too - whatever you have to make it smooth. While blending, add three cups of milk. Whole milk is, of course, the best, but we used 2% tonight and it was fantastic. I bet half and half would be like heaven. I am not going there...

So once this is done, you stir in the broccoli and ham, serve into a bowl, sprinkle with cheddar cheese, and enjoy!

Let me know if you make this! We love this recipe and think it is perfect at the end of a busy day. It doesn't take too long to do and is wonderful with homemade biscuits, toast, or a whole wheat bagel. :)



Charlotte said...


I am totally going to make this! For one of our co-op lunches we should all make soups. The problem though, would be that all four of our families don't know how to make smaller batches of soup and we would probably have too much....:-)

Kate said...

Yes, Charlotte, a soup day! But you are right about the sizing! :D


Michele said...

This sounds delicious! Fixed turnkey, sage and wild rice soup tonight, but it is often hard for me to find a soup everyone likes. I will have to try this one for sure!

Homeschooling6 said...

This sounds sounds so yummy. And thanks for mentioning not to use coconut oil. I would have used it.

Kate said...


I love coconut oil too, but that would have changed the flavor entirely. :)

I hope you enjoy it!


Mrs. White said...

This sounds delicious!

I haven't made soup in such a long time. I will have to try this.