Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday Musings - well, OK, it's Tuesday...

What I'm thinking: I have so much going on right now. We are beginning our new Crew year with 120+ new folks and that is a lot of excitement! Many of the veteran Crew are anxious to get back into our forum and we are all looking forward to a great year. I praise God for such an amazing group of people!

What I'm reading: I have been *so* itching to post about what I have recently finished reading.We are studying World War II and I try to immerse myself into whatever time period we are studying. I will hold off on talking about it because I want it to be a whole blog post on just the books I have been reading. Powerful!!

What I'm listening to: It is Christmas time (well, OK, almost) and I have been enjoying Enya's Christmas album, And Winter Came. I especially like the song, "White Is in The Winter Night" because it is so pretty and takes me places my California "winter" simply doesn't. Some day I will experience a real winter, but it will not be in California I think!

What we're learning: I mentioned above that we are studying World War II. I find the whole time period very moving and powerful. So much happened around the world shortly before, during, and after. It shapes everything we experience and know today.

What I'm watching: I am looking forward to watching a few good Christmas movies with my children. What are your favorites? We recently watched Brave and Madagascar III. We enjoyed them both a lot. Have you seen them? Did you enjoy them too?

What's cooking: Oh dear. Am I supposed to cook too? Just kidding. :D I did make a very tasty turkey soup last week. I learned, in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, that if you make a broth, to cook it for many many hours. I cooked our turkey carcass for close to five hours on simmer (and it could have gone longer). It draws out the flavor in the marrow and makes for a truly delicious broth. I *highly* recommend that you try it if you have not done so. I have done it for chicken broth and for beef, and they are just as delicious. I know that some of you do it in the crockpot overnight, but I like more broth than my crockpot allows so I do it on the stove all day. YUM. Soooo good!

What I'm buying: Christmas presents that I cannot disclose here because I have children that read my blog! I will say that Library and Educational Services is having a marvelous sale on all sorts of things. (That is only a clue for those that do NOT read my blog. hehe!)

What I'm thankful for: Oh, where to begin? God is so ever and always faithful to me. Even in the midst of my faltering faith and fears, He is able. God is always able to do more than we ask or think. He is full of mercy and loving-kindness. His word is TRUTH. I rejoice in the mercy and love of my Savior!

What I'm creating: I am crocheting again. I have not done that in forever. It is fun to do it, but I realize that I am on the computer so much with the mouse that I can only do it for so long and my wrist gets wonky. It is a good thing I don't crochet for a living! We have been listening to R.C. Sproul on CD in the morning and I get to actually sit and listen and crochet. I love it. :)

What I'm praying: That I will be the wife and mom I need to be. That God will give me the words to use when my children seek my counsel and that I will be humble before the Lord. I am also praying that His grace will extend to those we know and love that do not know Him. We are also praying for a brother in Christ who is very ill.

What I'm planning: Christmasy things and Crew things. Can't give away too much! :D

What we did this last weekend: Oh, last weekend was so delightful. It was four-dayer and there is not much more wonderful than knowing that my husband is going to be home for four days! We had a delicious and most agreeable Thanksgiving with the best of fellowship and game playing with some of the best extended family. Then, to top it all off, on Sunday after church we played a game of baseball in the sun with wonderful friends and fellowship back here. It was a fantastic weekend. If only all my friends could have been there in that one place, but then, life doesn't always work like that, does it?

What I'm looking forward to: Several Christmas parties are coming up and those are great fun. I am looking forward to getting more into the Christmas spirit (as I am still quite happy to be in Thanksgiving mode!)

A picture to share:

I am also looking forward to getting to know the new Crew members joining us this week.

Have a lovely week!


Charlotte said...

I am excited to get back on The Crew forum today! You do an incredible job.

And I love Enya, but have never heard that album. Can we listen to it on Wednesday?

How lovely that sounds to listen to RC Sproul and crochet. You inspire me.

And I so missed you on Sunday! Just think, in heaven we won't ever be absent from one another... :-)

Kate said...


I will definitely share the music on Wednesday! I would love to loan you the RC CDs when we are done!


Charlotte said...

Thank you!!

a49erfangirl said...

I am new to the crew and just wanted to let you know I am now following you. I love Enya! Happy Tuesday! - Stacie

Kate said...

Thanks, Stacie! :) I will return the favor!


Emily said...

Hi! I am new to the Crew this year and I just wanted to stop in say hello! I enjoyed reading your Monday Musings, you answered all the questions I would have asked if we could meet in person. - Emily