Friday, October 26, 2012

California Dreamin'

A few weeks ago, my three oldest children went with their grandparents on a trip across the back of California. It isn't the California most of us know or think about, but it has a very stark beauty all its own. I thought I would share some photos to show you what I mean.

They went to Bodie. Everyone just up and vacated the town. It was left as-is; with everything in the buildings.

On the road.

Convict Lake

On the way to Death Valley.

A view of their "town," Stovepipe Wells.

This is the lowest point in the contiguous USA, Badwater Basin. It is 282 feet below sea level. From Badwater Basin, they could see the highest point in the contiguous USA, Mount Whitney, at 14,505 feet above sea level!

I didn't think I would find their photos so beautiful because I love the lush look of the coastal areas of California and the oak and pine tree forests in the Sierras that I live so close to, but I did. The empty openness was hauntingly beautiful and I could see why they liked it so much. There is something amazing in the grandeur of it all. It was an open display of God's glory!


- said...

Love your finishing paragraph. So well said!

Homeschooling6 said...

Beautiful =)

Vickie said...

We went to Calico (ghost town) near Death Valley a few years ago. Like you said, there is just something amazing in all the grandeur of it.

Great photos!

Rippyfamily said...

This is amazing! I would love to go and see that town! Thanks for sharing!