Friday, September 07, 2012

New Year and Online Learning

I don't know where August went, but wow, did it fly by. August is our only month in the year when we are not doing formal school and where I give myself a few weeks off to plan. I always seem to arrive in September by the seat of my pants and totally NOT prepared. I was able to pull it together for the oldest two (10th grade and 12th grade) since those two grades need a tad more of my attention than the other ones, but wow, I squeaked into our September start by a very tiny margin!

I will need another full week before I feel we are in the swing of things, but I am excited about some of the online programs we are using this year. My youngest three (8th, 6th, and 4th) are using these programs--all of which we have never done before. All of these programs are from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

Samson's Classroom is an upcoming Schoolhouse Review Crew vendor that we are accessing already (because there are a few perks to running the Crew!) This program offers sight words, spelling, and reading programs all within the same website. So far, so good! We have just begun this program, but my youngest with the reading issues is already doing well and enjoying this one. (Yippie!)

Reading Kingdom is another online reading program that we are using. We took all of August off so we are just getting back into this. My youngest is also doing this one and seems to like it so far. This is reading help too. She likes online programs so I take advantage of that here!

VocabularySpellingCity is another online resource that I have two of them (8th and 6th) working with. I really like this program. Once I figured out how to assign lists, I have enjoyed getting this one going for them. The multiple ways they teach the children the words, the games and other avenues they offer the children--all are well done and thorough. This will be a great product to get to use this year!

ALEKS Math is the newest online program to join our new year line-up. I have a two-month free trial going for my three youngest children to see how it works for us. My 8th grader does well with online math programs so I am very hopeful there. My 6th grader is new to this kind of learning so I will be very interested  to see how it works for her. My 4th and I will be sitting together going over it every day. I have already enjoyed doing this with her and even though she balked at doing the assessment, she did better than I thought she would and I think even enjoyed it a little bit. :) We shall see.

MyMathLab from Pearson Education's homeschool division is an online algebra program that my 10th grader is using. I am very pleased to see the progress here! This is not a program I would have chosen had it not been presented to the Crew, but the course is very thorough, expects a high level of understanding in order to move on, has full video presentation, and is an all-around great program!

So do you use online programs in your homeschool? What have you found that worked for you?

And just so you can keep your sanity and find the help you need, the September issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is here for free to help you! Just click below to see the whole magazine with all its beautiful encouragement for you. Enjoy!

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Have a great weekend!


Karen said...

We are using Reading Eggs, Reading Kingdom (different kids), Speekee TV, Zoo Whiz, and we'll be starting The Pilgrim Story soon. (Any of these sound familiar?? LOL)

We used Aleks last year. I paid for it after the review for 2 of my high school students. I'd probably do it again but I don't want to spend the money.

Debra said...

Love Samson's Classroom. Particularly the three different areas of focus.

Richard is thriving with Reading Kingdom.

MyMathLab is amazing. Connor doesn't love it, LOL, but he is definitely learning and it is SO much easier on me.

Read Live (a review product from last year) is the life-changing (literally) program in my household. Hands down my favorite review product EVER. We bought a subscription for 2012, and I think we may need to do it for 2013 again too.

Unknown said...

We've used several different online programs in the past, but the only one that is staying with us into the new year is Spelling City. LOVE Spelling City!

Kate said...

Karen, yes, they do sound familiar! :D Love it!

Debra, I am glad to hear how so many are working for you too!

Marcy, me too. I am very glad to have it to use this year. :)

Thanks for your comments ladies!