Friday, August 17, 2012

a lively and a steadfast trust...

I have been trying to finish a most interesting book, King Alfred's English, but have had little time. Insomnia helped me to find this gem quoted within it the other night.


Faith is then a lively and a steadfast trust in the favor of God...
and such trust, wrought by the Holy Ghost through faith, maketh a man glad, 
lusty, cheerful, and truehearted unto God and unto all creatures: whereof, willingly and without compulsion, he is glad and ready to do good to every man, to do service to every man, to suffer all things, that God may be loved and praised, which hath given him such grace; so that it is impossible to separate good works from faith, even as it is impossible to separate heat and burning from fire.

~William Tyndale
(From his prologue to the Book of Romans.)

If you have not read about William Tyndale, this book bears witness to the incredible legacy he left us in the English Bible. Indeed, he gave his life in the heat and burning from fire so that we might have it.


Dana Adams said...

So beautiful! :-)

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