Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outdoor Update

I have not updated my garden in a while so I thought I would share. We are getting some amazing produce! This is from yesterday:. One of our two tomato EarthBoxes. (aff)

This is our banana pepper EarthBox. They are almost ready to pick!

This is our pepper variety box. I used three of those Anaheim peppers on the left in my fresh salsa made with home-grown tomatoes! 

This is my favorite part of the garden because it is so pretty and green. (Even with all the weeds!) All that craziness in the middle is naturalized mint. It draws the bees which in turn help my garden grow quite nicely! The Blue Dawn Vine on the fence on the right is a one of my favorite plants not actually planted in my yard! It comes over from my neighbor and I just love it. It happens every year. :)

This is what it looks like up close:

They only last one day and then shrivel up. It is hard to show you the beauty of this color in only a photo so come on over! :D

This cucumber box is on its last legs, but wow, we have probably gotten 30 cucumbers from it. It is hard to believe looking at it at the moment, but it has been a powerhouse for us!

This is one of our friendly bees on the mint flower. They are just all over the place! I wonder if their honey tastes like mint?

Every year I look forward to the explosion of color that comes with this gorgeous plant. This is our pink mallow and it huge. 

To give it scope, here it is with a bee in the center.

This is our very own Runaway Bunny. He likes to escape and run around the yard. :) His name is Cottontail.

And this is one of my besties, Charlotte, at our house on the 4th of July. I adore her.

Have a lovely week!


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Thanks for the tour - you sure can tell a difference between a warm weather garden and a cold weather garden! If it stops raining today I'll try to share some pics too. ;) Looks great!

Kate said...

Yes, Angie, do post them! I would love to see your garden too! :D

Sometimes I think we have too MUCH sun. :D


Lora @ my blessed life said...

Isn't it so much fun to harvest all of that fresh produce?! We didn't get a garden made this year, but have been so blessed to pick in our neighbors' garden while they're on vacation :)

Kate said...

Lora, I do love it! Some of my garden has done better than other parts, but that is usual for me. :) I wish I could manage to make the garden work in everything I did, but that, I think, it just too much to ask! :D


Charlotte said...

Your tomatoes look great! And our cuke plants have had a good year too.

And I love that photo and you too, dear friend. :-)

Homeschooling6 said...

It looks like you are growing a nice little crop this year. Ours isn't producing too much this time around. We are growing huge yellow cucumbers that are sour. Can't figure that one out. Not many tomatoes this year as well. My Mint leaves look like they are dying :( Maybe next year will be better for us. I'm not sure if it's the heat.