Thursday, July 05, 2012

July Encouragement!

I always get excited when The Old Schoolhouse Magazine releases a new issue! There is SO MUCH good stuff in it! Here is their little custom widget (which I change on the side of my site each month because it is so darn cute...)

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Cover BC
July 2012

Some of my favorite articles in this issue are:

The Charlotte Mason Homeschooler: The Gentle Art of Learning
By Karen Andreola

The Literary Homeschooler: Adoption in Literature and Life
By Rea Berg

The Struggling Homeschooler: Dyslexia: How Do I Teach This Child?
By Dianne Craft

By Leigh Bortins

And how could I post without my own favorite article of reviews? This month I really showcase my beautiful Schoolhouse Review Crew people and their excellent reviews! 

The Old Schoolhouse Lab: Product Reviews
Compiled and Edited by little old me. :D

There is SO MUCH MORE in this amazing free monthly homeschool magazine. You will not want to miss the 160 pages of brilliant content. There is something for everyone. :) I will share more as the month goes on, but I just had to let you know about it tonight!

Have a blessed weekend!

1 comment:

Homeschooling Drewper said...

I miss you....and my Crew family!

~sniff-sniff~ (wiping away my tears)

I am keeping up w/y'all and reading the wonderful reviews y'all do, AND y'alls wonderful blogs!!

Hugs and kisses to you all!
Suzanne Jarrell