Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sun + Water = Yum!

Garden update! So many fun things are growing along with the weeds in the backyard!

Here is an update on our tomato EarthBox  (aff) I featured when I first planted it. Next to it is our banana peppers box.

This next one was planted about three weeks ago (give or take a week) but is growing nicely.

On the yellow coreopsis, we found this little guy. He was no bigger than a dime in length.

This is my giant zucchini behind my wild mint mixed with weeds I have ignored. 

This is my mixed pepper box with red bells and Anaheim peppers.

This is my very prolific cucumber box. We have gotten at least ten cucumbers already and more are growing!

Here are two and they are almost ready. :) They are delicious!

And these are my experiment buckets that seem to be doing OK. I have already harvested two zucchini and the tomatoes are growing well. 

This is my raised bed over my chicken pen and the green beans are doing splendidly. I actually need to get out there and harvest them or they will get too big and woody. 

My herbs are doing alright, not wonderfully, and I cannot figure out why the basil is so slow growing. It is just a little depressing simply because I was envisioning pesto by now... lol

My root garden is even less exciting and I cannot figure it out. I will have to do more research on that, but it isn't happening this week! :D

This is my favorite part of the garden to look at. It is so green and lush--even if part of the lush is weeds. I still love it. There is so much wild mint that grows so tall and tastes so good as tea that I just let it go wild. Behind all the crazy mint are gladiolus that are soon to bloom. They are so pretty and all different colors. They tend to draw the swallowtail butterflies and I hope they do so this year. :)

This little guy was about the size of a quarter. It is fun to find them in the yard--much better than the nasty big beetles we found in a different year! I welcome them!

That is about it in my garden tour. Things are coming along nicely. How does your garden grow?


Charlotte said...

Don't you love not having to weed the earth boxes? :-) My basil is not growing like I wanted either...makes me think I need to plant way more next year. I had visions of freezing pesto, but we only have barely enough to garnish dishes with.

And you have a VERY good reason for not having time to research your garden woes this week.... :-)

Michele said...

I am jealous about your cucumbers. That is the one thing that did not grow this year for us. We are bummed, we has tons last year!
Love the new background on the blog! Too cute!