Monday, May 21, 2012

Nature Photo Day


I was so busy last week that I never got that recipe blog post up. I will do that this week as soon as I can locate the camera that has all the pictures! I used my daughter's camera to take a bunch of photos of the eclipse  yesterday--well, OK, the shadows from the eclipse. I thought they were so pretty. I didn't expect this to happen for some reason, but it was so fun to see crescents all over the place. Did you see them too? These were formed via the shadows from the trees on the house, fence, and ground as the light from the sun was shooting towards earth in crescent format. I thought it was so pretty.

(And those are my huge tomatoes and not-quite-large banana peppers.) The pictures are all clickable to view in a larger format.

It isn't possible to tell from these pictures, but it was significantly darker due to the eclipse. Were you able to see it too or did you have cloud cover?

Pinhole "camera" for seeing the eclipse. We didn't have the cool glasses or welding gear (lol) so we did what worked for us. It was great fun.

Long shadow crescents. 

Being a little naughty and taking a picture of the sun produced this sun shadow crescent. How cool!

This is my bean bush forest. I think it is so funny how they are up on little stalks. They are growing well. 

This is one of my favorite areas in the garden. It has a lot of weeds, but mixed in throughout are naturalized fuzzy mint plants, lemon balm, gladiolas that are popping up in the back, my zucchini EarthBox is doing well there on the right, and the pepper EarthBox is chugging along. We actually have peaches on that tiny little peach tree too. 

I really hope they taste good and that we get them before the birds do. :D

My black bins are doing well too (and so is our Annie dog).

I keep thinking of what we will eat when these things are a few months old!

And here is my pre-pesto. Soooo excited about this.

And my pre-cucumbers. :D

Evidently we had a chicken that couldn't get to the coop fast enough. She laid it in the pen this morning. They all seem to fight over the laying box--the same laying box--every day. There are five boxes and they all want the same one. Go figure. They are a little like feathery toddlers. :D

Here is our big dope, Rocky. He is a funny dog.

So did you get to see the eclipse? How does your garden grow?
Have a lovely Monday!


berrypatch said...

Unfortunately it was nighttime here when the eclipse was happening so we missed it all. I love your crescent shadow photos! Awesome! And yes, chickens are silly. We have six boxes for 12 hens and they lay eggs in three. And they are definitely "ranked." We'll find 4-5 in one box, 2-3 in another and 1 in the last one. So you can tell which is their favorite. They are annoyed a bit too as one has gone broody and taken over the favored box. She sits on no eggs and we have no rooster. The joys of farm life. :-)

janelle said...

Lovely Blog, Kate! My veggies are tiny still. I guess I got them in late! Your garden looks great! We were in a meeting during the eclipse, so I'm glad for all the pictures! :-)

Kate said...


That is so funny. Do your hens have a pecking order too - there are some very bossy ladies in our coop. lol

The shadows were so pretty. I was really happy the photos came out. :)

Janelle, we use Earthboxes so the veggies grow like crazy. It is a very satisfying way to grow because then you feel like a master gardener even when (like me) you are not! haha


Charlotte said...

Those eclipse shadows were so neat! We weren't expecting them either, but it was so weird to see them on everything. And I finally got my pinhole cardboard contraption to work for us and we saw the sun with it.

Your garden is so lovely, but I must say I would rather be there in person! :-)

Kate said...

And I would much rather you be here in person too! :D

I can't even look forward to Fridays!



Unknown said...

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