Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Garden Graces

I am going to try to post week by week garden photos to see the growth over time.

This is my tomato EarthBox. It has been growing for a few weeks. It already has tiny tomatoes growing and more flowers too. Yippie!

The two here are Early Girl tomatoes. I have utterly given up on heirloom tomatoes as they have done so poorly for me. Go figure, but my brown thumb comes out with heirlooms.

These are our tomato plants in bins. We have a cherry growing here and a large tomato - Best Boy I think. So far we have four growing, but we will probably do two more. I want to have a lot of fresh tomatoes this year.

I figure that if we can't eat them all fresh, we can make them into tomato sauce and freeze it. I use tomatoes all the time in cooking so it will be so nice to have this stored. (Those are my hopes anyway! LOL)

This is my root raised bed. The two rows on the left are turnips and they popped up so fast! The middle rows that you can barely see are beets and the two rows on the right are radish. I will have to thin them which is good for my chickens as they get the thinned ones I have removed, but I so hate to do it!

I know they wouldn't grow otherwise, but I do so hate to yank out healthy baby plants. :)

These green beans are coming up really well too! They are the only heirloom thing I am using as they do actually produce and do really work year after year. I love seeing their happy little heads popping out of the soil. I just love this time of the year because everything is growing well and there are so few weeds.

Now that they are up, they are growing so fast. I took these pictures a few days ago, and they are already double in size!

This is my happy bin! These gorgeous little babies are future pesto. I cannot wait until they grow so I can use  it in my cooking. Basil is my "It is summer!" plant.

Do you have a favorite summer plant?

And of course, I cannot post about my garden without sharing my backyard babies enjoying some out-of-the-coop exercise...

And here one of them is doing her duty for us!

We took some of the brown and green eggs and dyed them after Easter. They just turned out so beautiful and richly colored that I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

Have a beautiful week!


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Love your chicken home and garden! Hubby planted his zuccs this weekend. We to use planters for our tomatoes. For our wet Oregon summers, we've created a draining bucket that works well. Looking forward to watching your garden grow!

JenIg said...

I thoroughly love this! I'm going to try to plant some stuff in bins again. I have the *worst* luck with that.

Your backyard is truly inspirational.

Kate said...


I love the idea of a draining bucket. If anything though, here it is so crazy hot that I need a swimming pool for the plants. LOL


Thanks! Do you have land like in TN? I don't know what your house situation is like. I do love to plant, I just don't like to weed! :D


Erika said...

I can't wait to start our garden this year. The kids are in it every day during the summer, eating everything ripe. I rarely get to bring something in to cook! :)