Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creek Walk!

I am starting to feel like a real homeschool mama with nature walks and everything. (This wonderful homeschool mama inspires me.) A week or so ago we received a Discovery Scope. I did not expect this, but wow, I am so excited to have it! This is the size compared to my daughter:

She was looking at what looked like a rock, but was actually water-soaked wood. It was neat to see the differences between wood and rock. Sand was my favorite because it was so utterly different under the scope. 

You can't see it here and I wish I could take a photo of what things look like under the Discovery Scope! It was like holding a handful of gemstones. 

I really enjoy creeks and my kids were wildly thrilled to be here. 

This is such a pretty plant to me. Freshly green and lush. 

Under the bridge on our "Expotition." 

Hiding among the bushes. 

Even Rocky got into the water. He is only just learning how to be a water dog. He will have full exposure come summer Delta fun!

He was hunting for tadpoles.

Still hunting...and not finding. :)

I think they would have stayed for hours. You would never know we live in the burbs. 

Some serious bird watching. We live near a huge olive grove that is home to several very large emus. This was one of what we think is a mating pair as they were defending their egg.

This is the other one. It was right up in our faces against the fence making this crazy sound probably hoping to scare us away. We could not figure out why they chose the fence line to lay! They are huge birds with the craziest feet. I tried to get a photo, but this one would not stand still. They are not particularly pretty, but wow, are they interesting!

It is difficult to tell the size of this egg, but it is very large--about the size of three or four avocados put together. I think it looks like a dragon egg. It looks black in the picture, but it is a very dark green. 

All in all it was a very naturish sort of homeschool day!


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

How sweet! What a great creek bed! I just found our large magnet, we want to take it to the beach and hold it over the sand with a rope and try to 'catch' magnetized rock. . . . That's my big payoff for cleaning the garage. Ha! Try holding the camera a bit away, 1/8th of an inch, away from the lens, and then do a micro shot with the camera. My cheapo Lumix takes a bit to focus, but it will eventually. It's worth it! I pulled out a Usborne book today for magnifying challenges. . . . Fun Post!

Kate said...

Magnets are so fun. My husband has one of those huge ones in the garage that is used to pick up nails and things and that would be totally neat at the beach. I love that idea.

Great idea about the Usborne book!

Thanks for being such a great inspiration. :)