Saturday, April 21, 2012

I is for Irresistible

I had to use this as my letter "I" in Blogging Through the Alphabet.

It was an irresistible day today--full of sun and garden plants and growth. Now that the sun has come out here in full force, everything is growing and I knew I had to carve out time to plant. I took my youngest two with me to the backyard, and they were my water carriers and seed planters. (Really, they spent most of the time in a giant water fight. LOL)

This is my chicken pen/raised bed area:

In the box on the right, we have heirloom bush beans planted and the box in the middle has two rows each of turnip, beet, and radish seeds. The black tubs next to the chicken pen have zucchini and crook neck and there is rosemary there and my son's snap pea plant he grew as an experiment. These beds did such a good job last year with beans and the root veggies that we did them again with the same things.

This raised bed/chicken pen should also prove very fruitful. (tee hee)

The bed on the left is arugula and cilantro. It looks like this up close:

I planted some more arugula seeds today because the chickens got into this bed and scratched it all together when I planted so the cilantro and arugula is growing together. It is growing well so I can't complain! I am really looking forward to eating the arugula in a salad and making fresh salsa with the cilantro! 

The middle bed looks like this:

This is my herb bed. The back row is sage and tarragon, the middle is oregano and mint, and the front I just planted with sweet basil. I cannot WAIT to eat the basil! Summer is a comin'!

The final bed on the right is entirely flowers and is my youngest girl's bed. 

This has cosmos, California poppies, godetia, and along the wire we planted morning glories in white, purple, and pink. We hope they grow up and over this:

If it does it, I will share the results here. I am very hopeful. :) (I always am about anything garden this time of year! LOL)

I am trying something new that my neighbor does this year with the big black tubs. We did the two squash ones a few pictures above, and I have filled two more with cherry tomatoes. I tried a new way to fertilize this year. They look like tea bags, and you put them by the root base in the pot, and surround with soil. So we  shall see how well they do. They better rocket my tomatoes to Mars, that's what I have to say about it. I always try an experiment when I garden and that is it this year. I have also filled an EarthBox with Early Girl tomatoes, one with cucumbers, two more zucchini, and one with sweet banana peppers. This is the one with the peppers:

I still have two EarthBoxes to fill too! We have a lot of good stuff planted and I am truly entirely exhausted. Working in the sun, even with a sunhat, just does my brain in. :D

Other things growing in our small suburban yard:

Peaches! This is the start of our Backyard Orchard

And this is the front yard orchard (apple, cherry, plum): 

And I just had to share these two. This is our mint--growing wildly throughout the backyard. I love it and use it for fresh mint and black tea. The kids just eat it by the leaf. :) Even today..."Here, Mama, do you want one?" Um....no. I am so glad you like it, but it is fuzzy and wigs me out. I prefer it in tea form!

And this is just lovely to me. The colors are so vibrant and the flower so elegant. It is a snap pea flower. Hard to believe that this sort of loveliness is made for us by God just to be fertilized by a bee or butterfly so we can enjoy the snap pea. :) If you click on any of these, they will enlarge. This one is worth doing that for. :) My little artist took this photo. 

So all in all, today was an excellent productive day. I still have two EarthBoxes to plant, but I got everything else done! I still don't even know how I will fill them. :)

And these ladies, after sunning themselves outside of their garden pen, are living large under the veggies. :D


The Bitchy Crocker Project said...

All so wonderful. Mint always reminds me of my Gram's yard...it was plentiful.

Unknown said...

Beautiful job, mama!! We need to get started around here planting, but my chickens are free range and make a mess of things! Maybe we can get some fencing built to keep the girls on one half of our land and the garden safe on the other half!! I do love watching them take a dirt bath, just not in my strawberry bed!!

Kate said...

Jen, we have a lot of it! LOL It is a pleasant weed that I encourage. :D

Jesse, thanks! I have to wrap all my plants at lower levels to keep the hens away. It does work (even if it is a pain!) I like watching the dirt baths too! :D


Jill said...

Sounds like an irresistible day to me! I have cilantro and basil growing and plan getting tomato plants in this week. Beautiful gardens!

Wendy said...

I love your garden and chickens! Everything looks so beautiful. :) I have one little raised bed that my hubby hasn't yet tilled up for me, but hopefully he will soon and I'll have some pics to share. I do have herbs that I grow in pots on my front porch. They look pretty, and they are handy when I'm cooking. I love my mint too! I, like you, cannot make myself eat the leaves, but there is nothing better than fresh, "real" mint tea in the summer!

Kate said...

Thank you, ladies! I so appreciate your kind comments! It is exciting to see things sprouting and growing. :D

I love spring!


Jen U. said...

I really enjoyed seeing your garden, Kate! I just planted chocolate mint and apple mint this past week. :) I love to use mints in tea too.

Loved seeing your chickens too. We really hope to get some next year. I will have to talk to you more between now and then about them to get some tips from you.

Carissa Blanchard said...

Love it! We wish we could get chickens in our little suburban back yard. City won't allow it but I think they would be nicer to hear than all the neighborhood dogs that bark so late at night and early in the morning! ha! Happy Gardening!

Jenn said...

Beautiful! I have never heard of earth boxes though...what are they?

Kate said...

You can find more about EarthBoxes from here: www.earthbox.com

They work really well! :D


i cant decide said...

Thanks for sharing your garden. That's so neat that you have beds on top of the chicken coop. Great idea!