Sunday, April 01, 2012

How to Cook a Unicorn?!

This is such a fun story, I just had to share it here. The British Library (a place a have serious dreams of visiting some day) discovered a marvelous cook book from the 1300's. They think it was written by the Geoffrey Fule, a chef in the kitchens of the Queen of England, Philippa of Hainault, (1328-1369). In it is a very detailed "how to" for cooking unicorn. If only there had been Pinterest then, just think, the whole kingdom could have made it! ;) Here is a photo from the manuscript:

This is a late unicorn. Those wild medieval chefs. Who knows just what they created?! Maybe there is a recipe for dragon too. ;)

From the article, Geoffrey had a reputation for blending unusual flavours...Yes, I guess so! LOL

Here is the rest of the article. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

hmmmm... tastes like chicken.

Bright Sky Mom said...

Oh my! I will definitely have to check out that link. Do I already follow you on Pinterest? :)